As APK Modster, we care about the privacy and security of our users as much as we care about entertainment.

According to the Personal Data Protection Law, every internet site has the right to record some data sent by the users and to know the flow of the privacy and security of the internet site they use. So please read all the topics below to keep your safety.


APK Modster does not have a user registration form or comment box. For this reason, no visitor's private information such as e-mail address, phone number, or real name is requested. All users can use the Rating stars on the app pages to indicate their likes. Vote points and IP addresses given by the users who voted are saved in the website cache so that mistakes such as when a user votes for the same application again do not occur.


When you enter, small downloadable files (images, fonts) are saved as cookies in your browser's cache. If you wish, you can get rid of all of them by clearing your browser's cache.


Likewise, small data such as the most frequently used pages by users are also saved on our servers. All of these are to minimize page opening times when users enter our website. Every seven days, all caches are completely reset and restart.


The APK Modster site uses the Google Analytics product. This product, which is available on almost all websites, is used to ensure the continuous development of the website.

All information of users is encrypted in all Google Analytics data. As website owners, we can only access statistical data such as the pages visited by the visitors, the number of visits, and the average session duration.

We will always get support from these products to serve you better by ensuring to see the content you like more. Google Analytics data will be saved until APK Modster is completely closed.