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Updated : 2022.09.07

House Flipper Mod Apk is a mobile game where you will try to earn money by doing simple household chores such as painting, cleaning, taking out garbage, placing furniture and mowing the lawn. You live in a small house in the game. By signing up for a website from your home computer, you start getting simple household chores. To do these things, you go to people's homes and fulfill the tasks given to you one by one.

Everything requested from you in the House Flipper game is sent to you as an e-mail. You should read the mails carefully and complete your work in line with the requests. It is possible to view the room you are in in the game, the minimap and your total money in the area in the upper right part of the screen. Below this area, there is a pop-up window where you can see your tasks.

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How to Play House Flipper?

Your gameplay may differ depending on the job you do in the game and the task given to you. For example, if you need to move furniture or items from their place, you can hold them and drag them to the point you want to move. When you need to collect the garbage or clean it, you should take a trash can and click on the trash one by one and throw them into the trash can. Then you should hold the garbage bag in the garbage can and take it to the garbage collection point outside the house.

FPS camera view is used in House Flipper game. Unfortunately, you cannot switch to a different camera view. There is a minimum progress point for the missions you take in the game. If you do not reach this point, your mission will fail and you cannot get the money you deserve. You can click on the task window to follow the point.

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Design Your Dream Home

House Flipper is much more than just a simple house game. You can design a house and create your dream house by transforming into an architect in the game. For this, you can buy a new house or arrange the house you live in. But for this you will need a lot of money. In order to buy new items in the game, you must enter your computer and visit the websites that sell them. You can buy anything you want from these sites. You can see that the websites in the game are divided into different categories. For example, if you want to design a gamer house, you should buy products specially produced for players. To create a retro-style house, you can use websites that sell furniture and products suitable for this style.

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Innovation Time

When I said simple housework, house designs, I forgot to mention restoration and innovation works. Yes, you can renovate old houses in ruins by painting them, changing their furniture and upholstery. You can view all restoration and renovation job offers by entering your e-mails.

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Gardening is a must!

You created your dream house, painted the interior and made finishing moves with the perfect furniture. What is this? There is a lot of grass outside the house. Will you continue to live without clearing this grass? Of course no. You should immediately start working on revealing your gardening skills and beautify your garden. You can make your home much more livable by creating a pool, hammock or barbecue area.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

Thanks to the House Flipper mod apk file, you will have endless money that you can use to buy new items, furniture and houses in the game. In this way, you can buy your dream house and equip it with the items you want without worrying about money.