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Updated : 2022.07.16

Deep Town Mining Factory Mod Apk is a future-themed mobile game where you will drill through the surface of the asteroid with a cutting-edge laser gun and do space mining. It may sound like a frivolous idea but space mining is now seen as the key to the future. Thanks to the space mines, which will be playing the most important economic role in the future, many people will have jobs and the minerals needed in the world will be easily obtained.

You can obtain quadrillions of minerals needed in our world on the asteroid consisting of thousands of ground layers. You can earn money and grow your company by selling the mines you have obtained to the countries of the world. As your company grows, you can mine more in the same time and become one of the world's largest companies in space mining.

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Let's look more at Deep Town: Mining Factory Game

After the rocket landing on the surface of Mars makes its first laser shot to the surface, you will see that the ground is separated into layers. With each laser shot, you can descend to lower layers. In order to use your laser weapon in the game, you must click on the red icon at the bottom of the screen. You can shoot when you click on the icon. After shooting, you have to wait a few seconds for the gun to cool down. You can then shoot again. In this way, you must overcome the layers and create mining stations in 4-5 layers and increase the mines you obtain to the top layer.

With the mini robots that can dig in the game, you can go down to the lower layers without the need for a laser gun. Because each laser shot costs a certain amount of money. Don't forget to use mini robots to save money and speed up mining activities. It is possible to use these robots by clicking the blue button at the bottom. When you click the button, the robots will jump over the lowest layer and gradually destroy the ground layers.

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Expand Your Company Mission

Space mining is a very serious and important issue. In such a serious environment, your company's mission will be very decisive. Because you are striving to be the number 1 company in the world in space mining. For this, you must make investments, expand your mining network and make mining activities as fast as possible by purchasing new weapons.

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Weapons and Robots

Asteroid surfaces are quite hard and solid. You need very powerful weapons to pierce such surfaces and floors. You can complete the first stages with a laser gun. However, you will encounter such hard floors that even laser weapons will not have an effect. Here you should understand that you need to strengthen your weapons and aim to break the layers by purchasing new weapons, robots or drones.

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Mine Management

You can increase your level and earn money by completing missions in the game. You have to spend the money you earn to progress in mining activities, buy new weapons and make improvements. As you level up, you can discover different mines. You can view and sell all the mines you have obtained thanks to the "Claim" menu in the main menu. Also, you should not forget to use the boost bot on the main screen.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in the Deep Town: Mining Factory mod apk file. In this way, you can make all the upgrades and power-ups necessary to develop your company. You can also get a good spot at drilling through the ground layers by buying better weapons and robots. Now do not spare your investments to develop your company and show the world that you are the world's largest company in space mining!