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Updated : 2022.08.23

Battle of Polytopia Mod Apk is a mobile game with 2D graphics, which is about the war between tribes and progresses with the logic of tour. There are a total of 15 different tribes in the game, 3 of them are special. Xin-xi, Imperius, Bardur and Oumaji are a few of these tribes. You can play the game with your friends, against bots or online over the internet.

Tribe selection is very important in the game. Some tribes have different advantages and disadvantages over others. In fact, even the initial economies may differ between tribes. That's why I recommend you to choose the random distribution of tribes, especially when playing this game with your friends. In this way, war can take place in fairer conditions.

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Let’s Look Battle of Polytopia

After passing the tribe selection in the game, you find yourself in a large area. The lands belonging to other tribes appear around in white shapes. Your goal is to make these lands visible and develop your own tribe to gain an advantage over other tribes. Everyone takes turns making moves in the game. When all players complete their moves, one tribe weakens while the other becomes stronger.

Your main goal in Battle of Polytopia is to increase your score and collect stars. In this way, the stars will level up your tribe.  The most important point you need to pay attention to in the game is to use each turn correctly. For example, if you see food that you can collect around and you do not collect these foods in the turn, the food will disappear until the next tour.

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Advance Over Enemy Tribes

When it's your turn to move in the game, you should not hesitate to advance on the enemies. For example, when you encounter a tribe whose main tribe building level is lower than your building level, you must declare war by sending your soldiers to the tribe's border. In this way, you can capture enemy lands and expand your borders. At the same time, you will have eliminated an opponent from the game.

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Tech Tree

If you want to improve your tribe, you must use the tech tree up-to-date. You can spend the points and stars you earn after each move on the tech tree. In the tech tree, you will see sub-topics where you can improve your soldiers, tribe, borders, farming and mining. You should determine the most useful development for your business and try to capture enemy territory by making a profit in a short time. Remember, the beginning of everything is science and technology. The most important element that will enable you to get ahead of other tribes will again be science and technology.

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Last One Wins!

There is only one thing you have to do to win the game in Battle of Polytopia, stay to the end. Of course, this is simple to say, but very difficult to implement. However, I tried to talk about the technology tree that will help you at the point of implementation in a simple and impressive way. If you believe in the power of science and technology, determine the right strategies, make your moves accordingly, and act by following your enemies, there is no war that you cannot win. So stay to the end and win!

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Battle of Polytopia mod apk file, you will unlock all the content. In addition, you will be able to play by choosing any of the 3 special tribes offered only for premium users. Now that you have all kinds of knowledge about the game, it's time to trust your imagination and strategy!