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Android 4.4 +
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Updated : 2022.08.31

Subway Princess Runner Mod Apk is an endless running game where you will escape from the police chasing you and try to dodge the obstacles. The game offers its players an entertaining game experience full of excitement. You will challenge all difficulties, get excited as you speed up, strengthen with power-ups and run non-stop. You will get better and better and play to compete with world-famous players on the leaderboard.

In Subway Princess Runner, you aim to run further each time, break new records and try to beat the world champions. You complete missions one by one and unlock new features. With the fun characters and features provided by the game, you won’t understand how time passes. If you are tired of relaxing games and want to challenge yourself with records, Subway Princess Runner is what you need.Are you ready to escape from the police and dodge all obstacles?

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Your main goal in Subway Princess Runner is to run non-stop without letting the police catch you. You encounter obstacles such as trains and buses coming towards you on the way. You can slide your character left and right to switch lanes, plus jump and slide to dodge all the obstacles. Another important thing is to collect coins. The more coins you collect, the faster your character will run. In addition, the coins you have collected will make you stronger in later. You will see power-ups appear on the screen.

They help you to collect more coins or run faster etc. Aim to run longer each time by collecting power-ups and coins. Who doesn't love to break records? Another thing that will get you excited is hoverboards. Some people love to surf or want to try. Here you can have more than this experience with hoverboards. You can also slide over the trains or other obstacles. Take your hoverboard and start running before the police come.

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Wide Range of Characters

Subway Princess Runner has a variety of characters and outfits that have every color and concept. Tag who looks like a robot. Frank looks like Zombie or Dead Frank from the Shameless series. Luisa looks like a character escaping from Coco. And many more. If you like being playful like me, you can try a different character every day. You can also buy different outfits and hoverboards for each character. It is full of beautiful hoverboards that will blow your mind. Some of them are Guitar Board, Wave Board, and Rocket Board. My favorite one is Airship Board. I recommend you try them all.

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Power-ups and Upgrades

Many power-ups are available to make your long-running journey more fun! One of my favorites is the Coin Magnet which collects nearby coins and makes your pockets full. Another one is Mega Headstart which skips the beginning part of the game and gives you more speed. There are loads of fun power-ups like this one that you can check out. In the store, you can see upgrades. You can upgrade each power-up here according to most and lowest use ones. The stronger you get, the easier you will get past the police.

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Improve your Level and Open New Scenes

You can increase your experience points as you complete missions and open chests. The higher your level, the higher your game points will be. As the level upgrades, you can unlock new scenes and more features. Subway Princess Runner has different views such as snow, city, or forest. You can experience different environments and change your mood. Your amusement will increase as you progress through the game and break new records. You can even challenge yourself every time and aim to enter the leaderboard.  You can compete with your world-famous opponent and try to get ahead.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Subway Princess Runner mod apk file, you have unlimited money and gems. In this way, you can unlock all the characters and do upgrades easily. You can choose the character you want, change its appearance and start your endless run. You will run non-stop to break new records and experience achievements.