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City Island 2 - Building Story Mod Apk is a simulation game where you will create a city on an island. Known for its City Island: Builder Tycoon game, Sparkling Society wins back the admiration of its players with the new game in the series. You will build an incredible exotic city by showing your aesthetic taste and creating a pleasant living space for people. If you like building game, keep reading.

In City Island 2 - Building Story, you will build houses, community buildings, and even arrange transport. By using a wide range of decorations, such as, parks, restaurants, cafes, and even beach furnitures, you will make a fascinating city. You will create job opportunities for your citizens, listen to their opinions, make them satisfied and grow your city day by day.

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Build You First Home

In City Island 2 - Building Story, you will build your first home as soon as you step on the island. At first, you will build small houses, and you will unlock magnificent skyscrapers in time. You can create a neighborhood by region concept and gather the same style of buildings together. You can accelerate the construction speed with gold or cash. By creating a city chart in your head, you will continue to build houses, roads, and parks. What I have told you so far is only the most basic part. When you compare the first view of the island with its appearance months later, you will be proud of yourself and be amazed by the city you have created. Your island will become everyone's dream, and you will challenge a holiday in the Maldives.

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Turn Into A Real City

City Island 2 - Building Story you can build anything that exists in a real city. The game has a very detailed and wide commercial section. You can find all kinds of things like stations, barbershops, restaurants, offices, hotels, and cinemas. You can enrich your city and increase people's satisfaction with restaurants of different concepts. There are many options for this, such as a coffee shop, donut cafe, Japanese restaurant, burger restaurant, and fast food restaurant. As a pasta lover, my favorite one is an Italian restaurant. Another fun thing to do in the game is creating the beach area. Beach has to be one of the most eye-catching spots on an island.

You should create a fun and impressive area for people who spend the whole day on the beach. You can design a beach with a kitesurfer, banana boat, umbrellas, beach beds, palm trees, and sandcastles for a calming vibe. However, if you want to add a little more craziness and fun, if you want the lights to never go out on the beach at night, you can build a beach bar, water resort, pub, disco, and pirate ship restaurant. Furnish your city with fun and fancy places, turn your beach into an indispensable place, and build a city where your people will enjoy every part of the city.

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Attention! Electricity Cuts Out

Don't forget to provide electricity to your city in City Island 2 - Building Story. You won't want businesses and production to stop. In the expansion section, you will first build windmills and then bigger ones such as nuclear power stations. You will find that things are disrupted when electricity is not supplied. You will not only design and build cities but also recruit employees. You can find out how many employees you have and your earnings by clicking on the person with glasses on the left. The more employees you have, the more income the city will have. Another thing you can learn is the happiness rate in your city. As you upgrade the places, the profit you take will be improved. Another thing you can learn is to monitor the happiness rate in your city. You have to both provide employment and please people. The happier you make your people, the fewer obstacles you will encounter.

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Grow Your City

In City Island 2 - Building Story is not possible to create a design in your mind, dream of big things, and create a magnificent city in a small area. So you have to make expansions and have more space. As you grow, you will be able to build more places and houses, increase its population, and progress towards becoming a big city. You will be amazed at the difference between the island when you first start the game and the city you create in the future. You will transform it into a city bursting brightly under skyscrapers, a holiday destination where people flock, and a place where entertainment never stops. You will even open a trade center, hydroelectric station and concert hall. In this game, where there is no limit to what you can do, you will show your creativity and make your dream city.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The City Island 2 - Building Story mod apk file offers you unlimited money in the game. In this way, you can make all the expansions, build everything and create your city as you wish without any obstacles. You can create a city where the fun never ends for a moment, where people can enjoy being on the island, which attracts everyone's attention.