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City Island 3 - Building Sim Mod Apk is a simulation game where you will be creating your paradise city on an island. Released after City Island 2, this game has features and content that do not disappoint players and followers. If you have never experienced this game series before, you can be sure that you will be impressed and use your creativity at any time.

In City Island 3 - Building Sim, you will transform and manage an empty, sunny and magnificent island into the city of your dreams. You will build houses, parks, rivers, transport, community buildings, monuments, and other unique and fascinating constructions. The game is especially suitable for those who like simulation and building games, with its many options and advanced virtual reality. Build your glamorous city, keep your citizens happy and enjoy every part of the island.

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First Step into the Island

In City Island 3 - Building Sim, you will have something you would never have thought of, an island. Even if it is an empty and not settled island, the glittering sea, sparkling sky, and palm trees will impress and increase your mood. Your main goal is to create a prosperous and well-functioning city. As the first step, you build your first house, main roads, and commercial buildings to create jobs and money. I want to underline that the game is similar to real life and that every moment and feature is considered. Although it may be fun to demolish and re-design the island from start to finish, remember that you are not only designing but you are also managing a whole city. You will be responsible for the complaints, satisfaction, and disgrace of the citizens. Build an island that can offer all possibilities, have great aesthetics and splendor, can be everyone's favorite settlement place, and looks beyond your dreams.

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Unlock All the Buildings

You will have all the options to make an island completely glamorous and entertaining. You will build houses with gardens, high-rises, and many different designs and create neighborhoods. You can build similar style houses next to each other and fill them with parks and entertainment areas. Ultimately, it's essential to keep your people's happiness stable and please them. Houses close to the social environment and stores will always be popular. In the commercial section, you can build bowling, beauty salon, burger restaurants, motels, cafes, cinemas, and even motels. While dreaming of building an actual city and perhaps becoming everyone's favorite summer place is very enjoyable, now you will be able to experience it as a game.

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Don't Forget To Provide Service

In City Island 3 - Building Sim, even if the sunny weather and the fun beach are enough for you, there may still be buildings that will surprise you. In addition to essential places such as police, fire stations, and post office, you will be able to build unique buildings such as art galleries, golf course, butterfly center, zoo, and swimming pool. I wish we could live in a place with such good opportunities, fun hobby buildings, and sunny weather every minute. Do not forget to pay attention to the beach area, especially since you are on an island. After all, most people will come to sunbathe on the beach and swim in the sea all day long. You can build a beach hut, resort, bar, hotel, restaurant, and a club on the beach. You can impress everyone with the magical island you create, you can hear the cheerful voices of the people on the beach, and you can always keep the rate of happiness high with the magnificent city life you have established.  

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Show Your Creativity

In City Island 3 - Building Sim, you will have different island that unlock as you progress. On all the islands, you can try a different design, city plans, or even define a concept for yourself.You will make many people happy and manage the metropolis you have grown. The graphics, designs and effects in the game are so high quality and colorful that I am sure your energy will be high every minute. How nice to think that you are on vacation all the time. The fun designs of the buildings, the different styles of the houses, the entertainment areas are all very well and realistically designed. You will find yourself on an island, sipping your cocktail and enjoying the sounds of fun city life. You will unleash all your creativity and build a city where everyone will want to come and see your island. I'm sure you've proved your creativity in many games before, this time make it on the top level.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in the City Island 3 - Building Sim mod apk file. In this way, by starting the game quickly, you will be able to build all the buildings you want and take action for your dream island without waiting. You will be able to establish your city with more than 200 options, follow the happiness of your citizens, collect profit from your commercial buildings and enjoy an exotic island.