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Updated : 2022.06.26

Prey Day Mod Apk is an action game where you will try to survive among greedy zombies. Zombies, which have been the subject of many movies, books, and games, are again in front of us. This time, you will develop strategy, use your shooting skills, build a defense, and at the same time form alliances with other players. Welcome to your survival adventure in this world full of zombies.

In Prey Day, you will not have a single goal, such as shooting zombies that come your way. You will be in a tough struggle, trying to find shelter and food, find people who are not infected, and come together to get stronger. You will be excited like in all the zombie movies you have watched and feel like you are in a real war. You had better move before the zombies touch you with their bloody hands.

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Prey Day is a brutal and challenging game, so it requires thinking strategically, being vigilant, and being ready for extreme adrenaline. Game mechanics are easy to understand and practical. You will use D-pad to move your character, use other icons to punch, grab and bend over. When you first enter the game, you choose the gender of your character. You will wake up in the ruined hospital and kill your first deadly zombie in the first scene. You will try to collect the essential items, clothes, weapons, food, and water you see on the ground in your backpack and step outside to understand what is happening as soon as possible. You will realize that the whole world has been destroyed, an unknown virus has infected people, everyone has turned into a zombie, and you have to fight non-stop to survive. You will come across uninfected people, and seeing them will give you hope.

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Stay Survive

In Prey Day, while others create a force for you, they will also create danger. Survival, food, and water will be the main goals of everyone in the city. You will wander around to find supplies before everyone else and try not to starve. Prey Day has an open map, so you can explore many areas in the city, enter hospitals, pharmacies, schools, and many more. The whole city has been plundered, everywhere is messy, bloody, and dirty. You will encounter such realistic streets and places that it's impossible not to be impressed. The uncontrollable behavior, wounds, and anxiety of people will increase the fear of the whole game. While fighting the zombies coming from every corner, you will find food, water, and weapons, and on the other hand, you will distinguish who is friend or foe.

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Watch Your Step

In Prey Day, your best move is to be quiet, watch for ambushes, and strengthen your defense. With the angle features of the game, you will sense where the enemy is coming from, be careful and target the zombies. You will have an inventory, but unfortunately, you have limited space, so you must decide which supplies, items and weapons you need to carry. You will craft unique armor and different weapons, take down zombies and cooperate with allies. You can establish a shelter by developing crafting skills. While powerful weapons and your own shelter will be your best helper as defense, vehicles will come to your rescue in escaping. In a world full of zombies, you will be prepared for zombie hordes and you will not lose control even for a moment.

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Do the Missions

On Prey Day, you will complete missions on the open map in different regions and earn rewards. The game will challenge you with various missions. Sometimes these can be easy tasks, such as collecting stones from the ground and finding a backpack, finding convoy reports, or they can be challenging, such as killing all the zombies in the area. In some cases, you will not be able to advance by acting alone, and you will need allies made up of real players. You will establish a clan and continue this extreme situation by trying to survive collectively. You will face more destruction than you can imagine, and you will struggle non-stop to deal with most bloody zombies. Draw your route, do the missions one by one, go to different regions to set up survivors' camps, and don't be stay comfy. It's only a matter of time before a zombie spots you in a blink of an eye.

Immortality Mod Apk File Download

What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Prey Day mod apk file, you will have immortality. In this way, you can destroy groups of zombies, outlast many dangers, and bring all the survivors together to advance the invasion successfully. You will fight for survival in a world full of zombies that will not bore you for a moment with its quality graphics, stimulating effects, and realistic scenario.