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Walk Master Mod Apk is an action game where you will have a fantastic walking simulation game experience. If you are bored of the same style of games and content, this game is for you. You will enter deep down to the forest, overcome difficult paths and move your characters on stilts. Each level will be a little more difficult and you will become more adopt and master with the game with its easy-to-learn but hard-to-apply gameplay.

In Walk Master, you will encounter obstacles, traps and balance mechanisms, each more challenging than the other. You will balance your funny and typical characters on stilts and act as fast and smart as possible to avoid falling to the ground. Sometimes your goal will be to go as far as you can and sometimes to leave the difficult obstacles behind.

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When you first enter Walk Master, don't be surprised when you see an animal on stilts. Your goal throughout the entire game will be to walk your character, holding on to sticks along the path and avoiding obstacles. The gameplay is effortless and practical. You will drag your thumb to control the legs and move to the targets. Make sure you have a good balance because you can fall your character on the ground at any wrong angle. As you move towards the finish line, you will jump over puddles, pass many balance mechanisms and even escape from animals you will encounter. You will dodge minor dangers like toothed fish and bee stings. However, these obstacles will remain minor as long as you do not fall. As soon as you lose your balance and stumble upon obstacles, you will see your animal's face stick to the ground.

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Various Obstacles

Establishing your balance and getting used to the game mechanics is essential. You will need to practice as the game has different gameplay and content. Balancing on stilts and controlling the steps is not as easy as you think, especially with all kinds of obstacles on the way. You will skip water, windmills, and hillocks and use the balance mechanics well. You will sometimes go higher, lower, and jump with these mechanisms. If you lose your balance even for a moment, you can fall and be defeated. I am sure that watching a cute flying chicken, and its expressions will give you pleasure, but you need to stay on the stilts to avoid losing. As you play, you will know better where to step and how to balance, and you will be familiar with the traps in the game.

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Play in Different Modes

Walk Master has two modes that you can play. One of them is a Marathon, where you will go as far as possible. You will accelerate, overcome obstacles and aim to go the farthest without seeing the end of the road. The other mode is Speedrun, where you will try to escape more challenging obstacles. You will control your back and try not to stay under the obstacles. You will enjoy both modes, unlock different characters and enjoy stress-free fun. As you pass the levels and progress in Walk Master, you will start to play in more challenging tracks and be ambitious for better scores. There will be more than 300 levels, so you should know that you will encounter tough paths.

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Unique Animals

Although there are no stories that everyone knows, such as Happy Feet or Ice Age, you will plunge into the realm and adventures of cute animals in this game. Your characters will be joyful animals, and you will feel like you are directing a cartoon with fun graphics. You will unlock many random characters as you progress through the game. They will cheer you up with their charming looks. You will play with monkeys, chickens, flamingos, mouses, goats, and even a character that looks like a toilet. In addition to the animals, you will also see characters like the animation of Elvis Presley or the funny robot named crash test dummy. With customizations, you can make your already fun characters more cheerful. You can add hats and accessories and change the color of the stilts. The characters have well-designed colorful graphics and impressive details. Each of them has a different characteristic and features that you will like.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Walk Master mod apk file, you will have unlimited money. In this way, you can unlock characters, buy costumes, and focus on progressing through the tracks without try to collect coins. You will have a great experience with quality and entertaining graphics and a game content that you cannot see in every game. You will try to keep your characters balanced on stilts, overcome obstacles and be successful by skipping increasingly difficult levels.