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Android 5.0 +
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Updated : 2022.08.13

Truck Simulator: Europe Mod Apk is a simulation game where you will be a truck driver and run your business. This game is for you if you are bored of supercars and similar car racing games and want a raw, challenging, and realistic experience. You will go for hours on highways, improve your driving skills, make deliveries the fastest way and explore different routes.

In Truck Simulator: Europe, you will unlock different trucks, make missions and enjoy quality graphics. You will turn on your radio and drive day and night on the long roads. You will keep the control in your hands with different camera angles, follow the current status of your driver and complete the deliveries perfectly.

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What awaits you?

Big trucks and cars have caught your attention since your childhood. You pointed to the trucks passing by with your fingers and bought their toys. A child always had a truck or a construction vehicle parked next to tiny cars. Even now, most of you don't know what it feels like to drive a big truck. I'm sure your curiosity continues. In Truck Simulator: Europe, you will see what exactly is a driving experience, feel the pleasure of being on the highway while listening to music, and try many trucks. You will establish your company, create your driver and start your first job. Your main goal in the game is to make the delivery the fastest way and earn the highest payment. But you should remember that this is not a racing game. You will obey all traffic rules and enjoy your journey.

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Real Truck Driving Experience

In Truck Simulator: Europe, you may see a driving experience that you have never encountered before. First, after choosing your job offer, you will take your load and start your journey. The game's mechanics are understandable but also challenging to get used to. You will control many details such as gear, side mirror, pedals, wiper, headlight, horn, etc. You will have 360-degree different camera angles. It will be advantageous, especially because you are driving a large and difficult truck to move. You will get help from different angles while parking or going back. You will also be able to monitor your driver's hunger and sleep status, which is very important on long roads. You will pay attention to your gas and try to have a careful driving experience without filling the damage bar. There will be directions for your destination, a map, and a radio to listen to if you're bored. I am sure you wouldn't feel like you were in a truck if you didn't have a radio, a walkie-talkie, and a loud horn. Realistic driving mechanics, detailed trucks, many challenging levels, and endless highways await you.

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Unlock Many Trucks

In Truck Simulator: Europe, you will see amazing advanced trucks in the garage section. After completing your job offers, you can unlock many vehicles with the money you earn. You can see the details of power, torque, and fuel tank. As the missions get harder, you will need better-featured trucks. At the beginning of the game, even if you can't fully control your maneuvers, you will master your skills over time. Every time you enter the game, you will relax with its quiet roads, quality graphics, and realistic driving mechanics. You will enjoy driving your truck on the highway and city streets, away from tiring races and noisy content.  You will understand what it is like to drive a truck and maybe satisfy your childhood curiosity.

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Quality Graphics

In Truck Simulator: Europe, it is impossible to be impressed by the quality graphics, interiors, detailed roads, weather effects, and real engine sound effects. You will come across the sounds you hear all the time, from the horn of your truck to the beep when parking backward. You will see the changing weather effects and the time change. Sometimes you will be on the road on a cloudy night and sometimes on a sunny morning. Quality graphics will provide every possibility you need to have a real experience. Inside the truck, under a clear sky, you will enjoy your music on the radio and feel the real driving, complete challenging tasks.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Truck Simulator: Europe mod apk file, you will have unlimited money. In this way, you can unlock all the vehicles and enjoy the game stress-free. A real truck driving experience, endless Europe highways, quality graphics and challenging levels awaits you. Each time you will become a little more adept, speed up your maneuvers and make deliveries in the shortest time possible.