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Updated : 2022.09.11

Hooked Inc: Fishing Games Mod Apk is a simulation game where you will be fishing and grow your business. A unique fishing experience awaits you that you can make progress even if you are not in the game, relax while playing with its entertaining graphics and easy gameplay. You will exempt from the most important rule of fishing which is patience and waiting, and fill your boat with fishes as herd.
In Hooked Inc: Fishing Games, you will start to advance with your small boat from the map destinations and catch different types of fish. Each time, you will catch more fish by improving your rod, boat, baits, and unique items for different fish species. You will build your team and move forward to become a fishing empire. You will grow with your staff and go after deeper seas for epic fishes.

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Catch Your First Fish

In Hooked Inc: Fishing Games, a vast ocean and a boat will be awaiting you. The main goal in the game is to catch as many and most giant fishes as you can. The game offers a top view angle, so you will be able to see all the exotic fish and sea stars floating around you. What you have to do is much easier than a real fisher. The gameplay is really simple and practical. You will catch the fish by clicking and dragging them to your boat. You will complete your goal, double your money, and gain stars with the fish you catch. Don't be surprised if you occasionally stumble upon a large box passing by. When you hook it, you earn a big pile of cash. You will catch the newest type of fish and collect rewards. When you have enough money, go to deeper water and find more worthy fishes. You will feel excited as you encounter bigger fish as big as your boat.

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Hire Crew Members

In Hooked Inc: Fishing Games, you can create your own crew. By hiring the best staff, you can continue to earn money even when you are not in the game. They will try to catch all the fish in the sea for you. As captain, you have to take care of your crew and be like family. You will have no friends but each other at sea. As you progress, you will be able to hire more people and expand your fishing empire. Each staff has different skill and you can also upgrade their features. As long as you are together at sea, your income will increase and dominate the seas together. Usually, when we go offline in a game, our minds stay on it, and we feel restless. Or we fall behind in the game when we can't make the necessary progress for that day. In this, you will be a complete boss, and your employees will continue to do the job for you even if you don't go to work.

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Make Upgrades

In Hooked Inc: Fishing Games, it is just as important to make upgrades as you grow your business. Upgrades will help you reach the giant and bottom fish in the deep sea and hook even the toughest fish in your hook. You can upgrade your boat, crew, and items. You will be able to see unique items and different baits made for fish types. If I give an example of my favorites, I can recommend Sharpoon, made for a thick scale of sharks, or Bird Catcher, which is used to catch fish from cute birds flying in the sky. After all, as the best fisherman, I think you have the right to catch any fish you see.  Apart from that, with the boat upgrades, you will improve many features such as fish value, better hooks, and improved Jiggs, respectively, and complete each of them to unlock a new upgrade. In this way, your boat will grow step by step, turn into a big yacht, increase your success rate, and start to catch five fish per second.

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Unique Fishes

In Hooked Inc: Fishing Games, you will catch more different and bigger fish as you go deeper into the ocean. You will unlock rare and epic fishes. You will see Red Pike, Buble Fish, Big Bob, Rocket Fish, Lurker, etc. You will unlock new types of fish, read their characteristics, enjoy the changing color of the sea, and have endless fun on each route you go on the map. While you are a fisherman catching tiny fish on your small boat when you first start, as you progress, you will become a big captain with your crew, and you will catch legendary fish with your big yacht. You can join events and memorable adventures, try to complete daily challenges, and take the rewards. You will have fun in Hooked Inc: Fishing Games with its quality graphics, easy gameplay, and features that you can progress even when you are offline, and you will grow your fish empire day by day.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in the Hooked Inc: Fishing Games mod apk file. In this way, you can hire new crew members and make upgrades without waiting. You can experience the game by advancing quickly and you can make your way to the depths of the ocean as soon as possible. Entertaining moments await you where you will sail from a small boat and turn that into a yacht, catch big and epic fish, form your team and catch fishes in the sea.