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Updated : 2022.09.03

Real Steel Boxing Champions Mod Apk is an action game where you will box with legendary robots. Developed based on the movie Real Steel, which millions of people worldwide have watched, the game offers an incredible experience for fans. Even if you haven't watched the movie before, you can be sure that you will have fun with its games.

Imagine that your punches and kicks are not enough, your ambition never stops, and you always want more. Between the rings, your purpose of winning takes priority over everything else. You will want to be so strong that you put all your faith in a steel robot. The dreadful looks of the robots, mighty fists, and unstoppable energy will make you the winner.

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What awaits you?

As soon as you enter the game, the first sentence you will see is ''..are not born, but made''. You will create your power, take maximum damage with your robots and play adrenaline-filled matches. At first, Max, whom many of you know, will help you. After getting used to the game a little bit, he directly puts you in the ring. You feel that you are entering a real boxing match with the camera angles and the robots' movements. You have to be prepared and defend yourself against the rival robot. You will move your robot with the buttons at the bottom left, and you will attack and defend with the buttons on the right. Like an actual boxing match, you should watch and guess your opponent's moves and act accordingly. You will make counter hits, dodge counter moves well, and use special features. You must be fearless and unbeatable.

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Unlock Powerful Robots

In Real Steel Boxing Champions, you will be able to play with robust and durable robots and become stronger all the time. There will be five stages for robots that you can have more powerful ones. You can see all the robots and pick your favorites. After choosing your robot, you can edit and change its look. You can buy heads, torsos, arms, and legs. In the paint section, you can change the color of your robot as base, body, and accent. There will be any color option you can think of, from matte to metallic. You can choose your favorite robot, make it unique with the parts you like, and start challenging your enemies in the rings with the final look you create.

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Make Upgrades

In Real Steel Boxing Champions, you will strengthen your robot like an athlete. You will upgrade the parts of your robots one by one. The upgrades take time, like repairing an engine, but you can immediately have it if you use the instant button. With full upgrades, you will be an unstoppable legend boxer. In the boxing matches, the first moment where everyone is cheering and impressed is the boxers' initial moves and characteristics shows. You can choose the intro move after creating your robot, strengthening it, and becoming a fearful opponent. You will become even more ambitious as you enter matches and defeat your opponents. Upgraded parts will be your secret helper to your wins. Trust your gameplay and become the top boxer.

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Enjoy Adrenaline-filled Modes

In Real Steel Boxing Champions, you will feel more adrenaline than you have experienced in most previous games, and you will not be able to get enough of the action-packed scenes. The game has quality graphics, thrilling background sounds, and real fighting effects. All the details and fantastic robots will connect you to the game more every minute. You will have many mode choices and competitions. You will try all the adventures without getting bored and believe in the power of your robots. There are the career mode, challenges, PvP matches, tag team, and live events. Focusing on taking fight modifiers will help you progress through the next fight in modes. Each of them will give you blow-minded excitement and ambition. If you want to enjoy actual fighting and boxing, don't hesitate to download the game.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in the Real Steel Boxing Champions mod apk file. In this way, you can make all the upgrades, get strengthened sooner, and enjoy the game freely. You will enter an arena where powerful robots fight, hear cheers, and strengthen does not stop. You will feel the sound and power of steel punches. An excellent game is waiting for you, where you will get enough of the action and enjoy boxing in different modes.