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Updated : 2022.08.05

Sonic Dash Mod Apk Are you ready to join the new adventures of Sonic, one of the most played and liked game series in the world? An endless run, challenges, characters, upgrades and of course golden rings to collect. Install Sonic Dash on your phone or tablet now to embark on this adventure full of tracks and challenging enemies. The best solution for a stressful day is an enjoyable game. When nostalgia is involved, this pleasure will increase exponentially. Sonic Dash, a SEGA production, renews itself day by day with weekly updates and never bores its players.

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Sonic Dash Gameplay Tips

Although the Sonic series is played by millions of people, I still believe that there are people who do not know the game. I can say that the logic of the game is quite simple and offers an immersive experience at the point of gameplay. In order to help your friends in the game, you build beaches, ruined houses and temples left in garbage. You should have enough gold rings to start the construction process. You can collect gold rings as you progress on the tasks and do the quests. You can also earn golden ring rewards at the end of each chapter.

In Sonic Dash, you will see the dash meter at the bottom of the screen. You can use your dash feature when the dash meter is full. Thanks to this feature, you can crush all the enemies that come your way. However, if you face bosses, your dash will not work. You can only use your dash ability to get past the crabs and fish.

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Speed, Power and Aerobatics

When it comes to Sonic, many people will think of speed and acrobatics. These featuresare also included in the Sonic Dash game enough. Especially in the last stages, you have to be very fast and gain time by using the jumping ramps. You will find yourself in the air when you jump from the jumping ramp. While you are in the air, you must direct your character in the direction the game asks you. For example, if you see the right direction sign on the screen, you should move your hand to the right.

In Sonic Dash, you can spend your gold rings to strengthen and improve your character. You can increase the dash boost, magnet, shield, headstart and score multiplier features by clicking on the character development screen in the main menu. Again, you can choose the character you want to play by viewing the characters you have on this screen. There are 16 characters in total in the game, and you need to buy them to unlock.

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A Nostalgic Experience

Sonic series, which entered the lives of many of us thanks to computers and switches, has also started to appear in the mobile arena. The Sonic series, which always gives the old pleasure and improves itself, does not upset the players with this new game and does not break away from the nostalgic atmosphere. I would also like to point out that all the bosses in the game are the bosses used in the old series. If you are looking for an enjoyable, modern and at the same time nostalgic experience, Sonic Dash is the game for you!

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Collect Gold Rings and Earn Rewards

Gold rings are used as money in Sonic Dash. You can use gold rings when purchasing a new character, improving your characters, and purchasing visual addons. If you want to earn extra gold rings, you can complete the subtasks given in the section. When you complete the missions, new missions will also be unlocked and you will be able to earn more gold rings.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will get an unlimited source of money thanks to the Sonic Dash mod apk file. Thus, you will be able to purchase all the characters, enhancements and visual addons.