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Updated : 2022.09.06

DEAD TARGET: Zombie Mod Apk is a mobile game where you will fight against all kinds of zombies such as flying, exploding, running, jumping and trying to pass the levels. There are hundreds of levels in the game and you fight against different zombie groups in each section. Your goal is to protect the places where people take shelter and repel the zombies. The first rule you should follow while fighting against zombies should be to ensure that they do not reach you. If they touch you, you will catch the zombie virus and die.

In DEAD TARGET: Zombie, you can easily repel groups of zombies with shotguns. Many special weapons are included in the game. For example, you can buy weapons that burn zombies, freeze them in place, or repel them with water. You can unlock weapons by completing the tasks given to you.

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How to Play DEAD TARGET: Zombie?

In DEAD TARGET: Zombie, the game progresses through a main story. You have to complete the chapters to follow the story. You fight against powerful zombies in each level. You need to protect the main base where the people are located. You have to use your weapons, bombs and abilities for this. When you defeat all the zombies, the level will be completed successfully. At the end of the chapter, you can view your tasks and get rewards for the tasks you complete.

While fighting against zombies in the game, your most important assistant will be your weapons. You have the right to carry a total of 2 weapons. My advice to you would be to choose one of these weapons as a shotgun and the other as a weapon with special power. Especially if you can get the weapon that freezes the zombies, after freezing the zombies, you can switch to the shotgun and finish them really quickly.

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Hunt Zombies with Weapons with Special Powers!

In the DEAD TARGET: Zombie game, you can use special powerful weapons against all kinds of zombies that you may encounter. However, you may not be able to inflict the same damage against all types of zombies. For example, even if you use the ice gun on flying zombies, they will break the ice. However, when you use the ice gun on the walking zombies, you can get a big advantage by fixing them where they are. After learning all the weapons and zombie types, you will understand which weapon and where to use it.

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Boss Fights

Are you ready to enter endless wars with huge zombies? Then you must be looking forward to encountering the bosses. You can move your character when you need to fight giant zombies that are almost the size of a tower. It will be very important to position your character at the right points in boss fights. Because the bosses are very big, they move slowly. For example, when they try to punch you, there will be a gap where you can escape. Using that range, you should quickly move away from where you are and counterattack and catch the bosses by surprise.

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Endless Open World

If you're not running out of time with the tasks, go out to the open world and face the zombies. Thriller, horror, virus and zombies! You can enter the vast open world of DEAD TARGET: Zombie to embark on a non-stop adventure. You can go back and continue doing the tasks whenever you want. You should not neglect to go out to the open world to earn extra money and drop weapons and equipment from zombies. However, you should not forget the people who are waiting for your help.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have an unlimited source of money in DEAD TARGET: Zombie mod apk file. In this way, you will make the zombies taste death by purchasing all the special powerful weapons, equipment and improvements in the game.