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Updated : 2022.06.21

Hungry Dragon Mod Apk is a fantastic game where you will soar in the skies in different lands of the middle ages and hunt birds to fill your stomach. We all know that when we see a dragon, we have to run. However, some creatures do not have this chance. Because dragons can move and fly faster than many creatures. You are a little dragon in the game. Your goal is to fill your stomach with smaller and slower creatures like birds. However, while doing this, you should not touch creatures that are bigger than you or have magical powers. Hungry Dragon, made by Ubisoft Entertainment, is a mobile game full of excitement, adventure and action. You can unlock new dragon skins or buy power-ups with the coins you earn as you hunt birds.

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How to play?

Hungry Dragon is a very simple game to play. All you have to do is guide the dragon to the points where the birds are and eat the birds. As you eat the birds, you will see that the red bar at the bottom of the screen fills up. When this bar is full, you will have completed the level. Thus, at the end of the chapter, you can return to the main menu and buy new dragon eggs with the money you earn.

In the game, you can view your current score, remaining time, your dragon's health and boost amount on the panels at the top of the screen. If you can't catch the creatures you want to hunt, you can use boost. For this, you can touch the screen with both hands and direct the dragon to the point you want to go. As if you are driving a nitro car, you can speed up your dragon momentarily and thanks to the boosts, you can catch all the birds and swallow them.

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Second chance

When you eat magical or electric birds in Hungry Dragon, your character's health will decrease. If you try to eat a bird or dragon larger than your own size, you will also see your health decrease in the same way. I told you that you can see the health bar at the top of the screen. Your dragon will die when this bar is reset. If you couldn't get the necessary resources to pass the level when your dragon dies, you can try your luck a second time. By clicking the button that appears on the screen, you can resurrect your dragon with your diamonds and continue where you left off.

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Complete Missions and Earn Extra Rewards!

You can earn extra rewards by completing some missions in the game such as "eat 50 canaries" or "survive 1.5 minutes". You can buy new dragon eggs and dragon costumes with the money rewards you earn. There are really funny and entertaining costumes in the game. You can view all the costumes in the character window in the main menu.

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Upgrades and Boosts

Another thing you can spend your money on in Hungry Dragon is upgrades and boosts. Thanks to the improvements you will make, your dragon will become much more durable and will be able to swallow all the birds in one bite. In addition, thanks to the boosts you will buy, you can move much faster than normal, increase the time given to you in the level and grow your dragon for a certain period of time.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Hungry Dragon apk mod, your money will be unlimited. In this way, you can unlock all dragons and buy costumes. This will make your gaming experience more enjoyable. If you are someone who likes chaos rather than entertainment, you can buy the strongest dragon in the game, eat all the creatures you come across and pass the levels in a very simple way. Now, all living things that see you will look for a place to escape in horror. Now is the time to create chaos and make you feel the terror!