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Android 4.4 +
156.7 MB
Updated : 2022.09.06

Manor Cafe Mod Apk is a quality mobile game where you will earn stars with match-3 games and create a great cafe by completing missions in return for these stars. According to the story of the game, you buy an old and neglected cafe. Your goal is to develop and grow this cafe. For this, you start to fulfill the daily tasks given to you.

You will need a certain number of stars to complete the missions in Manor Cafe. You will earn these stars thanks to match-3 games. For example, the first task you have to do is to clean every corner of the cafe. You need one star to complete this mission. You have to complete the matching game to earn stars. The basic logic of the game can be briefly summarized as follows. There are quests, stars are required to do these quests, and you can earn them only through matching games.

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Let's See More About the Manor Cafe Game

To earn stars quickly by completing match-3 games, you must first understand the logic of matching. You will see shapes in different colors in the game. For example, in the first episode, there will be green clover, yellow bananas and red ketchup. Your goal is to match the shapes of the same color with each other by placing them side by side or under each other. While doing this, you need to look at the target board. You can view the target board on the left side of the screen.

Let's say you see the banana icon marked 9 on the target board. Then what you have to do is to match 9 bananas with each other. This may sound like a pretty simple thing to you. However, there is a point you missed. You have a certain number of moves for each match-3 game. If you act without considering the number of moves, it will be very difficult to complete the matching games.

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Needs Are Increasing!

As you collect stars and complete missions in the game, you will improve your cafe. These developments will bring with them bigger problems. At the same time, your needs will increase. You need a lot of money to meet these increasing needs. I have presented you the mod apk file so that you do not tire yourself. Thanks to this apk file, you will get the money you need.

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Fill the Souls

You get 5 lives in Manor Cafe. You need to spend 1 life for each attempt. When all your lives are gone, you can buy new lives by clicking the "+" sign in the upper left and renew your lives without having to wait. In this way, you will be able to save time.

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Missions and Main Story

Every mission you have to complete in the game is actually related to the main story. In the game, you will meet the character named Meg, whom you can think of as your assistant and manager. Meg will tell you all the tasks required for the cafe to thrive. When you reach the specified stages, you will progress in the main story and you will be able to take a closer look at the development of your cafe. You should not forget and value your employees who are with you throughout this development process.

Money Mod Apk File Download

What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money thanks to the Manor Cafe mod apk file. Thus, in the game you can add new materials, furniture, machines, etc. to your cafe. You can buy many things. You can also buy some special powers that will help you pass levels more easily during match-3 games. These special powers will allow you to break all the objects you do not want with a hammer and destroy the objects at a point you wish. You don't have to be afraid of match-3 games anymore. By completing all of them in a simple way, you will be able to create your dream cafe.