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Flip Master Mod Apk is an enjoyable mobile game where you will do acrobatic moves by choosing different characters and try to pass the levels. You can try acrobatic moves by choosing fun characters from each other in the game. Each character's jumping power, jumping height, balance and self-confidence are given at different levels. However, you can increase your level in all areas by training with the character you want.

In Flip Master, you can try to practice quite difficult skills such as Pike Tuck, Layout Tuck, Grab Tuck. In order to jump on the trampoline with your character, you must slide your hand upwards on the screen. To turn, you can make a circular scratch. In other words, you shape all the movements you will make in the game with your hands.

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First Look at Flip Master

First of all, I would like to point out that the game is really simple and understandable. You can play this game with peace of mind for children who are interested in sports. Your children will not have any difficulty in playing the game and will feel comfortable thanks to the reliability of the game.I recommend you these kinds of games in order to instill a love of sports to children's.

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You will need spins to unlock acrobatic moves in Flip Master. With each spin you will be able to unlock a random move. Spins are completely random. So, you cannot choose which move you want to choose. You must try to reach the maximum score by creating challenges for any move you unlock You must try to reach the maximum score by creating challenges for any move you unlock random spins. The higher your score, the more money you earn.

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Character Enhancements

There are nearly 20 characters in Flip Master. Each character has a total of 5 different features. These features are listed as jump power, tuck power, confidence, balance and centering. As the level of the features increases, you can do the moves better. Your character is more easily manipulated and your success rate increases in your trials. A trait can be upgraded to a maximum level of 10. When all the features reach the 10th level, your character becomes the strongest.

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Free Spin Rights

After you try each move in the game, you will see a button on the screen that entitles you to free spins. You should not forget to get your free spins right by clicking this button. If you have unlocked all the moves, you can click on the training button under the button that allows you to get spins again. Thanks to this button, you can choose the feature of any of your characters that you want to improve and you can improve this feature by 1 point.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money with the Flip Master mod apk file. Thus, you can buy all the characters in the game and play to the fullest. You can also maximize all character traits and unlock acrobatic moves. This file will be an important help to complete the levels, reach the highest score while doing the moves and be rewarded with lots of money.