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Hide 'N Seek! Mod Apk is a fun mobile game where you will try to pass the levels by finding the people hiding in the labyrinths within a certain time. As you pass the levels in the game, you will see that the labyrinths get bigger. In some sections, you will be the midwife, while in some sections you will be the hiding person. When you become a midwife, you will try to find the people who are hiding within the time that appears at the top of the screen. When you hide, you will try not to be caught until the time here expires.

Hide 'N Seek!, produced by Supersonic Studios, offers its players a unique experience with its fast, fluid and fun gameplay. The game of hide and seek, which was played on the streets in the past, is now in the virtual world. Although I describe this as a sad situation, I would like to say that the producer company has done a great job so that such games are not erased from memory and destroyed. Because millions of people have downloaded the game and played it with pleasure.

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What Does Hide 'N Seek! Offer You?

In the game, as I just mentioned, you can both be a midwife and hiding person. When you are a midwife, you must quickly scan every point of the labyrinth with the flashlight in your hand and find the people who are hiding. You can become adept at completing levels and finding people who are hiding, especially if you buy the special power that shows their footprints.

When you try to hide from the midwife, you should not stand still and try not to enter the midwife's view by watching the midwife's position on the screen. The angle of view is represented by the color red, and when you enter this angle of view, your character is trapped inside a cage. For example, let's say you are hiding with your friends. A friend of yours was found by a midwife and locked in a cage. If you go to your friend and help him when the midwife is not around, you can unlock the cage. I can say that this is perhaps the biggest difference from the real-life version of the game.

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Fun Labyrinth Design

When you think of labyrinth, you may think of structures created with simple walls. However, the game includes such fun designs that you can play hide and seek even underwater. When you see the labyrinths completely covered with water or the labyrinths made with different materials, you will approve of how well the producer has accomplished this game.

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Character Skins

In Hide 'N Seek!, you can find character skins from every profession and business group, from superheroes to police, from doctors to engineers. To purchase these skins, you can use the money rewards you will earn at the end of the chapters. If you have enough money, you can choose any skin you want and play.

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Don't Forget To Get Your Rewards!

You will earn a point at the end of the game based on your role and success in the game. As a result of the points you earn, the green bar in the main menu will make progress. When this bar is full, you will be able to unlock a random skin for free. Don't forget to get the unlocked skin and use it if you like it!

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

Hide 'N Seek! mod apk file offers you endless money source. In this way, you will be able to buy all the character skins in the game. You can also use your money to complete levels by purchasing extra time. Now it's time to show your speed and hide-and-seek skills!