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Idle FireFighter Tycoon Mod Apk is a fun mobile game where you will be a fire chief in a small city and try to earn money by managing the fire station. In this game, you will intervene in the fires, save the trapped people and animals, protect the inhabitants of the city and the control of the fire station is completely in your hands. With the  improvements you will make and the team you will establish, you must serve the city in the fastest way possible.

Firefighting is a difficult profession. Regardless of what time is it, you can suddenly find yourself in the middle of danger. This is exactly why you need to provide psychological support to the personnel working at the fire station. By creating various entertainment and game rooms at the station, you can make the daily stress disappear. You should do your best to make both the people living in the city and your own personal happy.

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Idle FireFighter Tycoon Gameplay Tips

When we want to talk about gameplay, I want to say that the game is actually a management game rather than a firefighting game. With the investments, you will make, develop, enlarge and try to accelerate the fire station. For example, you must first solve the communication problem. You can receive notifications at any time of the day. You will need staff who can quickly receive notices and coordinate the work. For this, you should make your first improvements in communication. First of all, you need people who can understand and convey things quickly.

Let's say you overcome your communication difficulties. So what should your next development be? Of course, the development of the team that you can respond to the fire and incidents should be your top priority. You should include people who know the job and are experienced in your team. You don't even want to think about the problems that novice firefighters can create. In order to provide the security of the city by providing the most professional service, it is essential to establish a good team.

After setting up your team, it's time to create places where the team can have fun and distract themselves. Firefighters who know how stressful their job is, will need parts where they can relax during the day. Here, you can create game and rest rooms to meet this need.

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Invest with the Money You Earned

In Idle FireFighter Tycoon, you can think of your station as a private fire company rather than a public institution. In this station you will earn money by putting out fires, rescuing people and animals. With the money you earn, you can pay the salaries of the workers. You should not forget to invest with the remaining money. You can both improve your field team and maximize security with quality equipment.

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Increase Your Popularity

It is very important to increase your popularity to prove that you are the best fire brigade in town. The easiest way to increase popularity is to provide fast and effective service. For example, let's say there is a fire. If you reach the point of the fire very quickly and do not let anyone's nose bleed, your popularity can increase in an instant. In this way, you can double the amount of money you earn by taking more calls.

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Check Statistics

The game has a unique statistics system. In this system, you can view the current status of all workers, the calls you receive, and suggestions for improvements you need to make. I especially recommend you to follow the status of the workers. If you detect a person who does not do their job well, you can fire that person and get a much better and more experienced person.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money with Idle FireFighter Tycoon mod apk file. In this way, you can buy everything needed in the game and expand your station by creating rooms and sections. You can also build your team by hiring the best and most experienced people.