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Updated : 2022.04.10

Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery Mod Apk is an adventure game where you will renovate an old hotel, complete missions, and find hidden objects. Are you ready to get into a dirty and dusty hotel as you've never seen before? You have a hotel and big responsibility now. You should restore the hotel to its former glory and create the best vibe for customers.

In Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, you have a hotel from your grandfather. The hotel is old, dusty, and needs to renovate. You will renovate the hotel, complete challenging missions, and find mysteries. You will enter a game full of mysteries, an old but fancy hotel, and lots of characters and their stories. Are you ready to create the best hotel in Miami and show your design skills

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You will encounter an old but magnificent hotel. Your grandfather has been missing for seven years and his hotel is now yours. You probably wouldn't believe it if they said you have a hotel when you wake up tomorrow. In Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, you now own a hotel. You will encounter an old but magnificent hotel.

No one has taken care of the hotel for seven years. You can imagine how old, dirty, and full of dust. But isn't that fun in the game? Butler Oliver will accompany you. It's enjoyable chatting with him and listening to the conversations the game provides. You immerse yourself a little more in the story. You will completely renovate the hotel, complete the missions, and play mini-games with Oliver.

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I'm sure you were excited when you heard that it is an old, dusty hotel ready to be renovated. Who wouldn't want to create a hotel with a unique design from top to bottom? In Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, you can repair broken tiles, fix broken items, renew everything you want, etc. It takes a lot of effort to turn this old and dusty place into an impressive place again. Oliver will tell you about renovations, repairs, and design options in the game. You will have choices for everything that will renovate. You can choose the one that suits your taste and create your dream hotel.

You earn innovation stars and experience points for every mission or modification you do.  Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery also combines both adventure and mystery for you. You will also find hidden objects in the hotel. You also find hidden objects which add more excitement and curiosity to the game in the hotel. There is a mini-games where you find hidden objects for a limited time. Are you ready to renew everything and solve all mysteries?

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Become the Best Designer

We know that decoration addicts are excited about this game before everyone. And I'm not going to pretend I'm not one of them. When I first entered Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, I spent hours. The game allows you to change everything. You can change it from floors to walls and even buy some paid items. You can design a more modern or classic hotel, use dark colors, or live colors. The game does not provide limited choice and offers items that appeal to every style. You can create a modern, unique, bright hotel in Miami where you can take summer photos for Instagram. Or vice versa, you can create a hotel that attracts Hollywood celebrities with its classic design, where everything is golden and exclusive. It's all up to your imagination and design talent. Show your artistic talent, be the favorite hotel in Miami by captivating all customers.

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Mini-game and Missions

As the days go by, more and more different characters will enter the story and get more excited. In Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery, there will mission all the days. As you complete the missions, your experience points will increase, earning stars and money. The experience points you earn will give you some boosts. Oliver will ask you to find something. You will find hidden objects, silhouettes, secret rooms, coins, spot the difference, etc. In the mini-game, you will try to find hidden objects in a picture within a limited time. You have to keep your mind sharp, find clues, and solve all sorts of mysteries.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in Hidden Hotel: Miami Mystery mod apk file. You will have unlimited stars and energy too. You can use boosts and renovate all the time, buy paid items and play non-stop as you do not run out of energy. Are you ready for this fast-paced experience and to make your design speak? Be the best detective and designer in Miami.