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Android 4.4+
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Updated : 2022.08.20

Street Racing HD Mod Apk is a racing game where you will be racing and gain unforgettable victories. Street Racing HD gives you the adrenaline rush to the fullest and a new racing style. You will speed up, make drift and win your opponents. This game is for the masters of drifting and the racing freaks. Street Racing HD blows your mind, be ready to be more excited than ever.

In Street Racing HD, you race with six worldwide players. You will be fastest, do the best drifts, collect nitrogen bars, crush your opponents, and aim to be the winner. The first thing we look for in-car racing games is for the experience to feel real. You will feel like you are in the game with realistic scenes, sounds, and car models that you admire.

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We all want to strike fear in the streets with our supercars. We can become the fiercest enemy in streets who never slows down. You will have more fun experiences than the car racing scenes in the movies you watch, and you will neutralize your enemy with maneuvers. In Street Racing HD, the most important thing is to be the fastest, show the best drifts and knock down your opponents. The game has basic gameplay. You tilt your device to go left and right and use the brake pedal for slow.

On the road, you collect nitrogen bars and press the final nitrogen on the bottom right. Nitrogen gets you to max speed. Therefore, to win the races, you should collect nitrogen bars as much as possible. Remember, whoever is the fastest and passes the opponents wins the race.  You can also follow the duration of the match from the top right. At the end of each game, you see the list of 6 players ranked and best duration. You win your reward according to your success. And also, do not forget to take your daily and mission reward.

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Customize Your Car

If you think you can't find your favorite cars in Street Racing HD, you are wrong. You can buy cars in any style and color. Most importantly, you can personalize the car you choose and make your dream car. You can add parts, change colors and add live graphics to your car too.

With the options in the game, you can create dark and scary cars or fun and colorful cars. With all the tiredness of the day, which of us would not want to race with our dream car? In Street Racing HD, you can release all your stress and spend your hours full of adrenaline. As you win and collect rewards, you become strong and unlock features. Each match you enter will be more hectic and competitive than the previous one.

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Breathtaking Game Mods

Here is a game that is well thought out and does everything to create excitement for a player. In Street Racing HD, you have a lot of game modes. You have five categories. Each of them has lots of mods inside. There are three modes from London and Tokyo at the beginning. As you progress through the game and level up, you will be able to unlock many modes. Different cities and modes will increase your excitement. Are you ready to speed up your dream car on the streets of Tokyo and challenge your opponents?

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Graphics and Upgrades

If you think you're going to waste your time and play an ordinary game, you're wrong. Street Racing HD offers you more than that. The game has realistic graphics and quality that impress you. For my idea graphics are very important in car racing games. Because no one wants to think they're driving a toy car. Street Racing HD makes your experience feel real and the cars are as fascinating as they seem in real life. One of the most important things is making upgrades. Upgrades increase your speed and strengthen you. Complete as many missions as you can, get stronger, and challenge your opponents.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Street Racing HD, you have unlocked mod. In this way, you can buy all the cars, customized features and upgrade easily. You will race six players from all over the world, design your car, play different mods, and get full of adrenaline. Are you ready to be the first in the race on the streets of London with a realistic game experience?