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New Star Soccer Mod Apk is a very fun football game in which you will build a career and set the throne in the hearts of the fans with the assists you make and the goals you score. When you enter the game, you first choose the team you want to start with.   You can find hundreds of leagues from each country in the game. However, it is not possible to start from the higher leagues. Since you are a player who has just started playing football and has just made a name for himself, you start playing in the 2nd or 3rd leagues of the countries.

New Star Soccer is a game that immediately rewards successes, but also immediately punishes failures in return. For example, you played a match scored goals and made assists. In this case, your bond with the coach, the team and the fans will become stronger. So, your name will be heard. However, in the opposite case, you will see that you are not even included in the first 11 when you cannot affect the goals for a few matches.

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You will play football matches throughout the season in the game. Depending on your performance in these matches, you can consolidate your position in the first 11 or become a substitute. In other words, being selected for the team is completely related to the football you play and your impact on the match. If you want to influence the match, improve yourself and be more successful in football, you need to pay attention to training.

When you come to the main menu in New Star Soccer game, you can train and improve yourself by spending your energy before entering any match. However, after training, you should not forget to buy an energy drink just before entering the match. Because you will be very tired during the training and you will lose almost half of your energy. If you play in any match without energy, you will have to play with no power.

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Strengthen Your Relationships

In New Star Soccer, you can basically improve your relations under 3 main headings. These are the coach, the team and the fans, respectively. Your relations may be affected as a result of the statements you will make after some matches. You may also sometimes be asked to choose either side. For example, you may be torn between the team and the coach. The best advice I can give you here would be to keep all relationships balanced. So if you're on good terms with the team and bad with the fans, it doesn't make much sense. You should treat everyone equally.

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Buy Energy Drinks and Crampons

Perhaps the most important thing in the game is your energy level. I told you how much your strength is affected when your energy drops. In fact, even while shooting, you can witness that the speed of the shot you take decreases. If you have eliminated the energy problem, you can focus on the equipment. With the money you earn, you can buy the best boots and you can get the effects like extra power, technique, etc.

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Give Importance to Your Social Life

A football player's social life is always in sight as much as the game he plays. The conversations you will have, the places you will go and your relationships are very important at this point. With the money you will earn at the end of each match in the game, you can make various investments for your social life and buy all kinds of things you want. For example, you can buy yourself a car, house or yacht. You can increase your relations with them by sharing the things you buy with your friends and lovers.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the New Star Soccer mod apk file, you will have an endless source of money. In this way, you will be able to achieve your best form by completing all the necessary trainings to become a good football player and improve your skills in the game. In addition, since you will not experience energy problems, you can get fit in every match and excite the fans with the goals you score.