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Updated : 2022.08.26

Matchington Mansion Mod Apk is a game where you renovate and restore a bequeathed huge mansion. However, the mansion is about to be completely demolished. You should start working on renovating this place as soon as possible. You manage the character named Tiffany in the game. Starting from the entrance door, you go up to the upper floors and renovate every part of the mansion one by one. But for this, you will need stars.

You have to complete the match-3 games for the restoration operations you will do in the Matchington Mansion game. You can earn stars as a result of these games. For example, when you want to repair or replace a door, you must first complete the match-3 game. Then, you can choose any of the options offered to you and make the change or repair process.

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Let's Examine the Matchington Mansion Game

In the game, you can view your total money, stars and number of lives on the panel at the top left of the screen. You will use your lives to start match-3 games. Stars are required for a replacement or repair, as I just described, and can only be earned through matchmaking games. Finally, you can buy special powers that you can use in matching games with your money in the game, or you can choose the most expensive option from the options offered to you.

What you have to do during the match 3 game is very simple. You must match shapes of the same color with each other. You can make this matching so that the shapes are both one under the other and side by side. The important point here is that the shapes and colors are the same. Of course, your number of moves will also differ in each matchmaking game. In order to get the targeted shapes, you must make your moves carefully and try to complete the game without finishing your moves.

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Unlock Special Powers

You will need lots of special powers in the match-3 games you will play in Matchington Mansion. Especially after a level, you will see that the matching games become quite difficult. You can use special powers to overcome this difficulty. However, all of the special powers will be locked in the initial phase. In order to open these locks, you need to complete the restoration and replacement processes of certain parts of the mansion. You can see the unlocked special powers on the right side of the screen and buy them by clicking on them. It is possible to pass all the matching games easily with the special powers you have purchased.

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In order to progress in the game, it will be enough to fulfill the daily missions given to you. You can view all your missions by clicking the button with the list icon at the bottom of the screen. When you complete 8 missions, you will earn a gift box. You can get surprise gifts from these boxes that you can use in your mansion.

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Meet New Characters and Interact with People

As a result of the missions you will do, you will progress in the story. The game's story will introduce you to many new characters and allow you to interact with people. These new people you will meet will do their best to make your mansion a better place. You can consult them on many issues and ask for their help. For example, when you need to renew the installations, you will need a good master.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

Matchington Mansion mod apk file allows you to get endless money cheat. Thanks to this cheat, you can have unlimited money. Thus, you can buy the special powers required for match-3 games, choose the best options among the offered ones, and start playing new levels without having to wait by buying lives.