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Android 5.0 +
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Updated : 2022.08.12

Dude Theft Wars Mod Apk is a game where you will rob shops, markets and banks in a vast open world. Are you ready for an enjoyable sandbox adventure?  Then you should definitely try Dude Theft Wars. You are the arch enemy of the cops in the game. You will commit so many robberies that you will be searched everywhere. You'll run, hide, and come back to drive the cops crazy with new heists.

Minecraft-like block-themed graphics are included in the game. A really successful job has been done in terms of models, vehicles, weapons and gameplay. You can easily play this amazing game, which will fill you with action, adventure and war, on all your devices with Android version 5.0 and later. Download Dude Theft Wars, which you can run even on your oldest phones with low system requirements, on your phone now.

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Dude Theft Wars Tips

Before starting the game, you must set your settings. After choosing one of the low, high and ultra graphics settings, you can adjust the resolution to make the game compatible with your phone. Again, you can increase or decrease the sensitivity bar, which you can see under these settings, by moving it to the right or left. Don't forget to tick the boxes for realistic sounds, shadows, weapon effects, slow motion shots and blood appearance.

After making your settings, you can now find yourself in a huge world. Your goal in the game is to steal everything you find. In the beginning you do this by breaking into people's homes. However, after a point, the business gets out of hand and you start robbing places such as stores, markets and banks with your gun.

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Run from Police

Of course, you're in trouble because of the robberies you've committed. Hundreds of police surround the town you are in and do their best to keep you from escaping. You are trying to escape from the cops. You can use caves and forests for this. Or you can fight with the police by not running away. But if you get caught, you will go to jail. You will also need a very good plan to escape from prison.

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You Can Interact With Everything

What Dude Theft Wars does best is the freedom it offers. So much so that you can interact with all items, materials and vehicles in the game. Let's say you stole a tape from a house. You can go to your own home and use the cassette player to listen to what is on this tape. You'll need a vehicle when you're running from the cops or planning a robbery. You can steal all the tools you see around. In short, you can interact with everything in the game and use everything you see.

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Story and Quests

You can play Dude Theft Wars in 2 ways. The first of these is to progress by completing the story and missions. The other is to hang out on your own in the open world. My advice to you would be to follow the stories and missions. Because in this way, you will serve a purpose and a story. This will be the factor that connects you to the game. You can view all your missions in the game on the panel at the top right of the screen. You can earn money by completing missions and buy yourself new weapons or vehicles.

Money Mod Apk File Download

What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money with the Dude Theft Wars mod apk file. In this way, you will be able to purchase every weapon, vehicle and visual add-on in the game. I just told you to run from the police, but with this trick, they better run away from you. Because you will become terrifyingly powerful.