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Township Mod Apk is city building game where you will expand your small town, grow your crops, create your zoo, design and manage your town. We know that everyone in the classroom wants to be class president when we are little. Now imagine that the entire city is under your control as mayor. You can build your dream city step by step, get stronger and build everything according to your taste.

You will harvest your land, collect crops, extract mines, raise your animals, trade with other cities, increase your population by building more houses, and try to become stronger increasing your production with factories. Who wouldn't want to build a unique city? You will use all your creativity and have so much fun that you will start to see your surroundings as if it is your city.

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Let's Get to Details

When you first enter theTownship, you have a small town which cows, a few houses, and harvest areas. You should harvest regularly and take care of your animals. With the progress you make, your crops and animal diversity will increase. You will have more animals such as goats, chickens, and dogs. You collect milk from cows and eggs from chickens. Your trade with other cities will begin with small factories.

As your production increases, you will start storing your crops in warehouses and increase your population. You use harvests to produce foods and the mines to collect resources. Stay focused the trade, production, harvest, and animal care. For your city growth, you first need a very well-functioning production system. You have the opportunity to be with nature full of lovely animals and crops that none of us can experience in city life.

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Iconic City

Can the confident modsters raise their hands to make the city incredibly fascinating? How exciting to see you so creative. You will build and expand your city day by day. Start to create your city plan, decorate and make unique touches. One of your jobs is to make your citizens happy. You can beautify your neighborhoods with parks, playgrounds, well-maintained sidewalks, and unique statues.

You can build zoos, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, and museums for your citizens to have a good time and have fun. You can build world-known statues or land your country flag. You can share your city on social platforms and play Township with your friends. And also you can exchange and trade with your friends.

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Wide Range of Factories

You will be responsible for trade and production as well as managing your farm. In Township, there are lots of factories you won't even imagine. In addition to textile, dairy, sugar, and paper factories, many joyful factories can cheer you up. If you are crazy about sweets like me, you will go crazy. There are ıce cream, pastry, jam, and candy factories in Township.

Doesn't that sound more fun than being a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? At least, ı have every kind of dessert now. All you have to do after being so cheered up is not to lose your focus, harvest crops, and animals. And then process the products you obtain in factories and increase your production.

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Big Think

You will not believe it when you compare the appearance of that small town at the beginning with the appearance of your city in the levels you progress. Do not think that the game consists of only a few plots, factories, and houses. With the 3D graphics provided by the Township, your city will shines brightly as it develops. You will manage the whole city among the big factories, production areas, houses, and social areas and make your citizens happy.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The Township mod apk file offers you unlimited money in the game. Thanks to this, you can upgrade and grow your dream city the fastest way. You can make any design and development you want without waiting and make your city more magnificent. Get ready to announce the name of your city and be proud!