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Pyramid Solitaire Saga Mod Apk is a Card Game where you will help Helena and Kingsley on their journey. Developed by the makers of Candy Crush Saga & Farm Heroes Saga!, this new game promises success. Unknown lands, mysterious temples, magnificent pyramids, challenging puzzles, and a mystic adventure await you.

In Pyramid Solitaire Saga, you will witness the story of Helena and Kingsley. You will play fun card games, find Scarabs under the cards, unlock new chapters and reveal the truth step by step. With its game concept, you will be very impressed with its fun and mysterious graphics, develop strategies while completing puzzles, step into the magic world and find hidden treasures!

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In Pyramid Solitaire Saga, you will go back to the Ancient World. You will find yourself among mummies and pyramids. You will help Helena and her lovely friend Kingsley uncover mysteries and solve puzzles. You will find the hints and support their journey. There are card games where you will find Scarabs under the cards, collect the gold cards and complete them successfully. You have your deck with one open card with jokers. You will tap a card with one number above or below another card. When there are no matching cards, tap your deck for a new one or use the joker. As you solve puzzles and reveal hidden truths, you will pass the levels and progress towards new adventures.

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New Adventures

You have embarked on an incredible journey in Pyramid Solitaire Saga. You will discover the secrets, unknowns, and forgotten places hidden among the pyramids. There are unique chapters that consist of many levels and different concepts. You will be able to progress in the game and step into foreign lands bypassing the levels one by one. Each chapter has its content, style, and hidden challenges. The game offers you a few chances to progress without getting stuck. First of all, you can choose a power-up without entering the game. These are removing all blockers, seeing the next card, and starting the level with all cards face up. When the game starts, you can consider using the extras. You can buy 7, 3, or 1 extra card, collect any selectable card and get an extra joker. Using them for the challenging puzzles will be very useful and save you from unsolvable situations.

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Check the Kingsley's Treasure

Pyramid Solitaire Saga packs another feature out of every box to give you a fun and never-ending experience. In Kingsley's Treasure, you will be able to find and buy different cards. There are various and enjoyable designed cards in the name of Far West, Asia, Underwater, Cats, and Candies. My favorite one is Underwater which looks pretty magical and has a mermaid vibe. But if you have the opposite taste to me, you buy Far West. It seems historical, realistic, and dark. How would you like to invite your friends to all these features? You can play with this Saga with your friends, challenge each other, and gets high scores. You can even push your goal further and follow the leaderboards, and be ambitious to beat your friends.

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Rich Graphics

Pyramid Solitaire Saga has rich and historical visuals and mystical background music. The well-designed concept of the game will take you to ancient times. You will feel the mystery among the pyramids, goddesses, temples, and statues and conquer the map from beginning to end. In this game, with more than 700 levels and more than 20 chapters, you will go to untouched lands, solve all the puzzles, and be constantly excited for new adventures. The puzzle you play all the time will create a great fun area for you, and the game's aura will make you feel good. You will not want to leave the game with its easy gameplay and fun story.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Pyramid Solitaire Saga mod apk file, you will have unlimited lives in the game. In this way, you can solve the puzzles without any obstacles and go on new adventures bypassing the levels. Fascinating graphics, ancient temples, challenging card games, magic, strategy, and a real game experience waiting for you.