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Suрer Toss The Turtle Mod Apk is a shooting game where you will try to shoot a turtle with cannon as far as possible. Welcome to the cutest shooting game. Instead of the classic shooting games that we play all the time, a much more enjoyable and different experience awaits you this time. You will shoot your turtle, buy new equipment from the BLAST.CO shop and break new records non-stop.

Suрer Toss The Turtle is such an exciting and humorous game. Your energy will increase as soon as you enter the game with the music, writing style, fun graphics, and cute turtle. You try to break your last record by throwing the turtle as far as possible and collecting the rewards in the air. There are cannons, many gadgets, and different maps to cheer you up. Fire your cannon and throw the cute turtle as far as you can.

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Super Toss The Turtle has simple gameplay. You have cannon that throw your turtle. You try to shoot as far as possible. By the way, the facial expressions of the turtle when he fell are fantastic. If your turtle comes across traps, it dies before it can go any further. You have a variety of weapons options too. You shoot the turtle with them. There are targets such as weapons, bullets, coins on the way you throw your turtle.  You should collect them. As you can see, the game is not complicated at all.

The most important thing is to shoot your turtle in a controlled and calculated manner. You break your record with every shot. You will encounter a scene that is not impressive at first. Do not think that the game is that simple. As you progress, the game will go much further than you expect as you unlock new weapons, cannons, and gadgets. Every weapon you buy gets stronger, fascinating and your turtle moves forward for meters. In other words, the game turns into a fantastic fly show. You should keep the turtle in the air as long as possible and collect targets. If you're ready to break records, shoot your turtle now!

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Weapons and Cannons

If you think you are playing a casual shooting game and are going to change a few weapons, you are wrong. Super Toss The Turtle offers you a fulfilling experience and entertaining graphics. What can we want more? The game has a variety of weapons and cannons. Some of the cannons are Dark Knight, The Patriot, Golden Boy.

You have weapons such as BlackSniper, The Golden Pistol, Great Grandpa's Rifle. There are description boxes under both weapons and cannons. You should read them for sure. They are all witty and hilarious. You can unlock your favorite cannons and weapons. They all have different features and shooting ranges. I can say that the game becomes more fun as you get stronger and unlock new items. You will shoot your turtle so far that you doubt it will go into space. At least we're pretty sure it'll fall back to earth from space.

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Fun Gadgets

Will you believe me if I tell you that the game is even more enjoyable? In addition to all the things I mentioned, we also have gadgets. You can see gadgets in BLAST.CO shop in the stuff section. Many fun and different things are waiting for you. All of them have different features. Some of them are Rocket Pack, Ice Melter, T.N.T Explosives. Again, you shouldn't forget to read the description boxes. Gadgets bring fun, different features, and power to the game. With all these fun and explosive gadgets, the game's fun music, and impressive graphics, you won't get bored.

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Unlock New Animals

Super Toss The Turtle gives us a chance to play with different and exotic animals. They have all different looks and voices. The animals appear in a closed box. So you can't see them before you open them. You can think of it as a fun surprise. There is a red Roll 100. You can click them and get yourself a surprise animal. You can understand how exciting and fun the game is even just by reading this article. I'm sure it will impress you with its entertaining graphics, writing, and content. You can also play the game with your friends and break new records.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in Super Toss The Turtle mod apk file. In this way, you can unlock all the characters, weapons, and gadgets and experience the game freely. In this shooting game, with entertaining and playful features, get ready to have fun like never before and get new records.