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Updated : 2022.09.12

3DTuning Mod Apk is a simulation game where you will customize hundreds of vehicles and make unique styles. We spent a long time in the garage section in many racing games and even added games that have more customization options to our favorite list. This time, all your focus will be on the vehicles you will design according to your taste and deciding between many choices.

With its realistic graphics, customization and configuration options, bright colors, and many details, 3DTuning is an indispensable game for car enthusiasts and those who trust their taste. The game has the customization feature of vehicles of all categories and types of many famous brands. You can create dreamy and adorable cars that may go on sale with their uniqueness and make more perfect designs each time.

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What awaits you?

As soon as you enter 3DTuning, you should be ready to show all your creativity because you will be amazed by divine vehicles. My first car was a white convertible, Mercedes. I wanted to bring the cool car I created to the street from the phone screen. First, you will choose the car you will customize. You will have many options, from the tire to the car's mirrors, and you will change all the parts by choosing one by one. You can make your car classic, crazy or lively and reflect your style. You will be able to give the cars we all know in daily life unique looks and make them look much more precious than they are with your creativity. You can collect your work in the garage and share it with your friends. You will be proud of your creations and no longer be impressed by the cars you see in the catalogs.

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Huge Selection of Vehicles

3DTuning has three categories: Cars&Bikes, Trucks&Jeeps, and Muscle Cars. You can start from the categories that appeal to your style, give more pleasure, and try different vehicle options when you need a change. In all types, you will be able to see the vehicles of world-famous brands with all details and quality images. If you are an off-road fan, you can choose machine-looking big trucks. My favorite one is Chevrolet Silverado. There are both old-school classic cars and modern muscle cars. You can see the 70s car Dodge Challenger, a variety of Mustangs, Chevrolet Camaro, etc. 3DTuning producers add new updates and cars frequently. So, you can see the vehicles which are brand new. You can see all the famous brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Citroen, Ferrari, Hyundai, etc. There is a detailed table and sections where you can choose every brand and style, such as Cabrio, Sedan, Van, SUV, etc. You will find all kinds of vehicles you are looking for and want to have, and you will feel like you are in a real gallery.

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Many Customization Options

In 3DTuning, you will show your perfectionism and create mind-blowing designs with the game's various features. You will change the wheel, brake, tires, bumper, plates, muffler, flares, headlights, spoilers, hood, grilles, lid, etc. If you are a newbie to car parts, you can improve your knowledge and become a professional. You will have every color option with arrangements. I have friends who skinned their cars with the colors they created in the game in real life. In addition to many features that you can change, you will also be able to adjust suspension, window tint, and add lights on wheels. You can make futuristic designs, create neon vibes, or use unusual color mixes. You can use the license plates of all countries and make specially designed cars ready for driving.

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Share Your Garage

If you are interested in design and cars, it is impossible not to be impressed by all the features I mentioned and the realistic graphics of 3DTuning. You will be able to see every detail of the cars, zoom in, examine them from every angle, and be affected by the changes you make, thanks to the quality images. You can also post your custom vehicles in Timeline and attract people's attention worldwide. You will be able to show your creativity and style and also be inspired by other people's tastes. A great game is waiting for you where you will focus only on designing, find famous cars from every category in the world and have fun without any stress. You can think of this game as a common place for car fans. Each new car you create will be a little better than the previous one. You will use the options in the game better and your imagination will get stronger. You will be able to create all the extremist looks that you cannot do in real life.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the 3DTuning mod apk file, you will unlocked all the features in the game. In this way, you can customize your vehicles without obstacle and choose whatever you want. We all know how frustrating it is to see a lock sign before deciding on the item or color you want. Therefore, the mod apk file will be an irresistible opportunity for you. You will choose fancy cars from many brands, change every part of them and make unique and admirable designs that you have not seen anywhere.