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Updated : 2022.08.22

Rebel Inc. Mod Apk is a simulation game where you will be a governor and try to stabilize your country. You will unite back a fragmented country, devise strategies and oppose the rebels. An immersive, realistic, functioning perfectly in all its details and immersive experience awaits you. If you are into politics, this game is for you.

In Rebel Inc., you will establish regions, balance civilians and military, maintain stability, gain reputation and try to control the insurgents. The civilians support and initiatives will be all matter. You will make strategies, control zones, gain your peoples trust and fight with all your might. Even after the war was over, nothing remained as before. If you don't stop, the insurgents will take over everywhere.

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What awaits you?

In Rebel Inc., you will enter a world of darkness and struggle. The lands dispersed after the war is in danger. There are civilians on one side and insurgents on the other. While the civilians try to stay together and safe, the others take over every place they reach and leave no one alive. This combat will be between you and insurgents, and your ultimate duty is to govern and save the civilians. You will stabilize the regions and resist rebellions. The game has a detailed and explanatory tutorial, so it won't be hard to learn the purpose and gameplay for you. Your first move will be to indicate a zone. The most important part of your progress will be seen in the stability bar. This bar shows the percentage of your success. When you reach 100%, you win. On the right, there will be a reputation bar. When it decreases to zero, you lose. When you have more supporters, you will get stronger. At this point, it is vital to have a well-planned political strategy and persuasion ability, to be reliable and manipulative. If people don't believe in you, they won't be ready to fight for their lands. You should think like a real politician and remember that the more reliable you are, the more successful you will be.

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Take a Look at the Operations

In Rebel Inc., your goal is to reach more regions to save and take under control. You will be able to see civilians, government, and military initiatives from the operation button. Each one has different effectiveness and dimension. You will try to keep all units and groups in balance. You will unlock many civilian initiatives for maintenance requirements such as water supplies and healthcare. Government initiatives give you the power and impact on your operations. As you fund initiatives, corruption will occur. Therefore, you need to check corruption risk and build anti-corruption to reduce it. When a region hits the top stabilizes, you win that area. But of course, insurgents will come to start a war to recapture the area. You will send your well-trained soldiers and repel them. Under no circumstances will you return the lands you have secured step by step.

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Surround the Insurgents

While we are sure you will get all the insurgents out of the land with good strategy and control, it's essential to trap them in a particular area after combat wars and prevent them from escaping. Because wherever they go to invade, they make the citizens uneasy and cause their trust in you to be damaged. Your soldier units will always be ready, and your coalition soldiers will come from behind them as a backup. You will suppress the rebels as fast as possible and prevent them from spreading. You shouldn't seem weak and out of control. After all, the greatest power that governs have is the citizen's trust. You will try to stabilize their trust at the max level, grow your empire, create mind-blowing strategies and maintain facilities to the lands. If you believe that you will manage a vast map and solve all kinds of political and military problems, you will not get bored for a moment in this game with all kinds of realistic possibilities and features.

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Choose Your Governance

In Rebel Inc., you will be able to choose between five different maps and governance. Maps are Saffron Fields, Mountain Pass, Southern Desert, Pistachio Forest, and Distant Steppe. They all have different environmental features and key advantages. But besides that, the best part is that you can be a civil servant, economist, general, banker, or smuggler. To unlock them, you need to accomplish the required missions. But with the mod apk file, all the maps and governance will be unlocked. You can experience every option freely in the game. After choosing which governance you want to be, you will determine the game's difficulty level. My advice is to start at the casual level. The game is well planned, detailed, and challenging. As you progress, the tyranny of the invaders will increase, and it will become difficult to manage all the operations, protect the lands you control, and monitor the complete map. You must determine your strategy and steps well and maintain the public's trust.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have all the features unlocked in the Rebel Inc. mod apk file. In this way, you will turn into the government you want to be in and choose different maps. Divided lands left behind from the war await liberation and stability. Take charge, protect your people, and don't give up control for a moment. You will stop invaders coming from everywhere, prevent them from escaping, and keep your lands together with your plans.