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Updated : 2022.08.03

Real Gangster Crime 2 Mod Apk is a simulation game where you will rule the city and be a reckless gangster. I am sure that those who know Real Gangster Crime, the first game made by the same producer, clicked with curiosity. You won't be disappointed because the game is more attractive, full of action and adrenalin.

In the Real Gangster Crime 2, you will drive through a big city, complete missions, and shoot the targets. You will not obey any rules and pity anyone in the mafia world and insecure streets. You will accomplish missions and make your name heard. If you want your reputation to disperse, you should let everyone see the terror in your eyes and stay wild.

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Are you ready to commit every crime and be a total troublemaker in Real Gangster Crime 2? If the answer is yes, we can continue. As a gangster, you will work for strong people such as cartels. Your main goal in the game is complete the missions that you take from people who rule the business in the streets. Your first job is to create a free location for Carter to open a branch in the city. You will take your first gun and take your first blood. The game requires diverse skills such as driving, shooting, and fighting. You will fight and shoot the targets, escape police, drive vehicles skillfully, and need to do quick maneuvers for dangerous situations. There will be a joystick where you can move your character and also buttons to take action. You will fight anyone randomly, steal cars, and do everything missions require.

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Equip Strong Weapons

The more fear you spread in Real Gangster Crime 2, the more successful you will be in your career. Underground people need fearless criminals, skillful shooters, and ruly gangsters. No one who is not strong can stay in a ghetto in a real city. To contravene everyone, you will be able to equip different weapons. There are many weapons in the shop, such as ax, batons, butterflies, Glock, AK-74s, and even RPGs. All of them are more powerful than the other and are destructive when used at the right time. Sometimes you will be far from your targets and will require good aim, and sometimes you will neutralize an enemy near you as quickly as possible. All your success depends on your shooting skills and quick maneuvers. As this is a real gangster game, most of the time, you will escape from the police, increase your crime rate and become a legendary criminal. As your reputation goes higher, you will be in much more danger.

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Be More Robust

In Real Gangster Crime 2, you can improve your character's basic features such as health, health generation, and stamina. But the addition to these, you will also be able to increase the defense, damage, and shooting. The stronger you become, the more trouble you will cause and dominate the streets. You can create a brutal and unique look to match your ruthless style. You can wear masks, glasses or hats. You can become an ordinary-looking the USA back streets gangster by wearing long-sleeved t-shirts or Converse sneakers. You can be whatever you want to be and go out to experience the evil in the whole city. You will be on actual streets, not in a fake game where secret missions, clean-looking agents, or business people roam. One moment you are in someone else's backyard, and the next task, you will smash someone else's face.

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Escape As Fast As You Can

In Real Gangster Crime 2, you will be an uncatchable suspect and can use all kinds of vehicles while being chased. You will even be able to experience a race most of the time. The vehicles are diverse such as tanks, cars, and motorcycles. You can steal them from the streets or buy them in the shop. You can use a helicopter and tour the city in the sky. The game has real driving mechanics, detailed graphics, and superb architecture with a massive city. You will enjoy every moment and do many challenging missions through the map. You will shoot all the targets, fight, punch, kick, steal, or escape. Good driving and shooting skills will gain you a criminal point. You won't be able to stay calm in a spot because the action won't stop. Action and adrenaline-filled, the most realistic and brutal game awaits you.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Real Gangster Crime 2 mod apk file, you will never run out of money in the game. In this way, you can do all the customization and upgrades and buy many weapons. You can enjoy the game freely and have a strong start. You will prove yourself in the streets where mafias, cartels, and criminals roam everywhere by doing a lot of missions and committing all types of crimes non-stop.