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Human Evolution Clicker Mod Apk is an arcade game where you will tap the screen all the time. You may be thinking about how clicking the screen will turn into a game, but don't worry, you will have so much fun. We love everything more practical, fast, and changing quickly in the internet world. Think of it like watching a 15-second video on TikTok that we can swipe through all day. You will have the same basic and speady experience with this game.

In Human Evolution Clicker, an evolutionary road are waiting for you. You will create new forms, find species and planets. You will accomplish all of this by just tapping. It's a clicker game but the most entertaining one among them. If you are tired of dense effects, complex gameplay and stressful content and you are looking for a game that will relax your mind and enter at any time, Human Evolution Clicker is for you.

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Human Evolution Clicker, you begin your interplanetary journey and your evolution adventure. Your main goal is to create new creatures and higher the population. What you need to do in Human Evolution Clicker is very simple. In fact, you may not have encountered such easy gameplay. You will merge the creation with the same ones and create a new species. There will be bubbles to blow and inside of the new creatures. If you are running out of them and don't have any matching, you can click the box sign at the bottom of the screen to gain more ones. The first merging step starts with DNA. You match DNA with another one and create bacteria. After making one more bacteria, the matching bacterias create Amoeba. It will go in chains until the evolutionary process is complete. You will only click the creatures to do that. You will open new creatures, match them with similar and turn them into a new species.

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Many Species

In Human Evolution Clicker, you will create many species with single-cell organisms. You will do it most easily by ignoring all the natural evolution stages with doing just clicking. You will drag the cells, bacteria, amoeba, etc. each other to create a new living thing and expand the population. There will be different environments and planets. All of them have unique ecosystems and various creatures. In the first one, you will evolve an amoeba into a reptile. This stage of your journey will go as far as humans. Of course, you will not immediately create today's man. It will process as an ape, troglodyte, antique man, and modern man! After you finally reach that, you choose your path: cyborgs or hybrids. You will create fantastic and futuristic creations, travel between planets, and have a wonderful time.

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Accelerate The Evolution

You can speed up your evolution by making upgrades in Human Evolution Clicker with upgrades and adding more fun. If I talk about my favorites, I can start with click boost. It increases income per click. Who can say no to too much more money? Another upgrade increases the chance of higher-level creature coming from 1st age bubbles. With a critical click chance, you get six new creatures. What I haven't mentioned here has as many effects as these. You can be sure that you will need it much more in this game in which everything consists of a click. You can also buy creatures if you stock at some point. You will look for new planets with your creatures and find fantastic places as you progress. So, it will benefit from speeding up the process to have entertaining time and mindblowing experiences.

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Fantastic Creatures

One thing that makes the Human Evolution Clicker the most fun is its colorful graphics and designs. The creators' styles, colors, images, and facial expressions are amusing and absurd. I don't think that a clicker game where you do things that always look on the same screen will entertain the player. Even if your only thing to do the clicking, you will travel planets, unlock new species, and have fun with their funny looks. You will meet funny-looking grumpy monkeys, ancient men that show the original form of humans, robots, and characters from other planets who look like they come from the future. Many upgrades, bubbles, maps, and reward chests await your clicks.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The Human Evolution Clicker mod apk file offers you unlimited money in the game. In this way, you can buy all the creatures, make upgrades and make a fast start to the game. You will create lots of species, click all the time, and know to realize how time passes. This game is a time killer and suitable for all ages. With just a simple click, you will have a fantastic experience.