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Major Mayhem 2 Mod Apk is a shooting game where you will jump into a revenge adventure and take down all the baddies. Many of you have played the first game, Major Mayhem. So you are familiar with the Major's story, and I guess you are more eager for fun, action, and adrenalin this time. No need to hesitate because you will never be disappointed.

In Major Mayhem 2, you will fight against fierce ninja enemies, show your shooting skills and try to accomplish missions. Many different environments and horizontal roads with parkours and features await you on the battlefield. You will unlock powerful weapons and take down the opponents one by one. This game will be a real-time killer for you that you won't realize how time passes.

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In Major Mayhem 2, the love story will continue from where it left off. Your character is on vacation with his girlfriend and enjoying the sun this time. But of course, again, Evil villains come to ruin your day. You won't let that happen, and you will fight against them to save the holiday. You will shoot all the targets, defend yourself and ravage the Evils. Enemies will come in a row on endless roads, and the scenes and environment will change constantly. All of your focus will be on shooting and killing the enemies. You will not encounter a stratejic and aiming game. Instead, the action and shoot will be non-stop. You will cover behind the rocks or barrels and dodge the shots, make combos and headshots and give the highest damage by blowing up the vehicles. Fearless Major will complete all the missions and take down opponents with your directions.

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Challenging Roads

In Major Mayhem 2, you will progress on different roads and be on the move every minute as if it is an action movie. You will shoot the enemies hidden in the pier, vehicles, ships, and barrels. You will fight through sand, highways, subway, and even above the ocean. I would say that the most fun is above the water if you are a jet ski lover like me. You will be on the jetski and shoot the ninjas on the boats. Such a fun idea, right? And the challenges do not consist of just these. You will detect and rescue the friends in the caos. There will be 50 increasingly difficult levels, bosses, two game modes, medals, and objectives. Completing 3 objectives will earn you a mission medal. As an major, winning and gaining medals will be in your nature. You born to complete missions.

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Unlock Weapons

Major Mayhem 2, all your power will come from weapons and skills. You will destroy those who dare to oppose you, one by one, without showing mercy. Your dedication to weapons and goals will give you success. In this journey, your biggest support will be new and powerful weapons. You can use a Magnum, Sniper Rifle, Minigun, Compound Bow, Plasma Rifle, etc. They have futuristic looks, unique features, and fancy formidable bullets. With a Shotgun, you will shoot close range and multiple pallets. Light Machine Gun will carry a massive load of bullets and take down every fierce enemy group. You will learn all advantages and use them on the battlefield. Besides the weapons, your maneuvers and shooting the right target are important. To dodge and protect the crossfire, you should cover up, jump, run, etc. and try to kill enemies as a group as much as possible.

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Buy New Costumes

In Major Mayhem 2, quality graphics, detailed and variety of environments, and never-ending action content will fascinate you. You will have so much fun with activities in the game and rich visuals. You will challenge yourself on many levels and fight against strong bosses. You will become an ultimate Major and earn medals. The game adds a little joy to this point and gives you a chance to customize your hero. You can buy different and hilarious skins such as Santa Claus, T Wrecks, and pumpkin heads with bones bodies. You can also create a look for your hero, an island citizen, a cowboy, or a pretty summer girl. Can you imagine walking around an area where everyone fires against you, with a dinosaur costume, carrying a gun? You will have so much fun and never want to exit the game.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The Major Mayhem 2 mod apk file offers you unlimited money in the game. In this way, you can buy all the weapons and costumes and enjoy the game freely. You can make a strong start and intimidate enemies. You will move forward on the horizontal road, kill all the evils, dodge, shoot, hide and pass many levels to gain medals and get revenge. Take your gun and brutally fight for saving your vacation.