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Updated : 2022.09.13

Vegas Crime Simulator Mod Apk is an action game where you will be free in Vegas streets and commit any crime you want. I am sure you have played gangster games before, but I don't know if you have been this free. You will steal cars, beat everyone, fight with the mafias and shoot anyone who comes in your way. You will dodge or kill the cops who chase you every time you commit a crime.

In Vegas Crime Simulator, the character, dialogues, and story will take you out of the real world and immerse you in the game. You will experience many things while feeling the action and adrenaline every minute. You will face your enemies to complete missions while committing crimes on the roads. You will use helicopters or tanks and blow out the streets. You will become the most vicious gangster in the entire city and make everyone flee from you.

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Welcome to the city of Vegas, which is full of criminals. You will be in a dangerous open-world where every crime and possibility exists. As soon as you enter the game, you will find yourself in a bloody incident, and soon your name will be known by the underground gangs. You will mess up the whole city and have irrepressible freedom. You will be able to beat innocent people, steal cars, do robbery, take revenge on those who have messed with you, kill police officers, and many more. You will prove to everyone who is the real gangster and who rules the streets. The gameplay mechanics are basic and easy to get used to. You move your character with joysticks. You will use the button on the bottom right to fight, and if you take out your weapon, you will aim with the same button. You will see separate controls for all sorts of other features. As you progress step by step, you will use all the features and start spreading fear in the streets.

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Challenging Missions

You will do whatever the craziest things you want in the open-world, but simultaneously, you will complete tasks to improve your gangster career. You will find and get revenge on those who broke into your house first. Sometimes you will get into trouble with gangsters at once and take down more than one person. You will earn a pile of money after completing each mission. In the streets, everything is revenge and being strong. They don't take you seriously if you stay quiet and don't take action. You will take on adrenaline-filled and challenging missions and fight and kill anyone who comes your way. You can mark the point you need to go to on the map and even drive a car or motorcycle by forcibly removing the driver from the vehicle. When you commit a crime, the cops will come, and you will dodge or kill them.

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Unlock Powerful Weapons

As you become known in the city and your enemies get brutal, you will need powerful weapons. A real gangster always carries guns with full ammo. When you visit the shop, you can buy not only guns and also melee items, grenades, and kits. You can buy hammers, machetes, and katanas to protect yourself at close range. But if you are someone who always chooses the weapon to take action, you will be satisfied with the variety of options. You can buy pistols, SMGs, shotguns, rifles, and heavy weapons. You can buy Molotov Cocktails and grenades for fun and make a noisy mess. You can enjoy your freedom by causing fires and blowing up cars in the streets. Finally, you can change your character's style and become the criminal you want to be. You can buy baggy pants, sneakers, and sports jackets and add some accessories such as bandanas or gold chains. You can create a complete gangster look and frighten innocents with your reckless style.

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Fascinating Open-World

An open world where you can do anything awaits you in Vegas Crime Simulator. You will steal in the dirty streets of Vegas, beat people up in front of graffiti walls, and prove yourself in the world of crime. You will drive and buy many vehicles such as helicopters, tanks, and even aircraft. Vegas Crime Simulator has quality graphics, fantastic action scenes, and detailed content. The dialogues of the characters and the story will make the game immersive. As you progress, you will reveal your place on the streets and make your name known among the mafias. To perform, fight and resist better, you can upgrade your character's defense, max stamina, and max health and health regeneration. You will be unstoppable on the streets as you equip powerful weapons and strengthen your character.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Vegas Crime Simulator mod apk file, you will have unlimited money. You can buy all the weapons and hammers and make customizations. Can you believe that you will be even freer in a world where you are already completely free? Thanks to the mod apk file, you can get all the powerful weapons and complete the missions successfully even at the beginning of the game. Become a fearless gangster, scare everyone, beat and kill all the foes and dominate the Vegas.