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Android 4.4 +
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Updated : 2022.09.13

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing Mod Apk is a racing game where you will join adrenaline-filled races and challenge your opponents. If you like drag racing and want to spend hours showing your driving skills and beating skillful opponents, this game is what you want. Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing has realistic racing scenes, impressive engine sound, and never-ending action.

In Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing, you will try out many races in different modes, and each time you will get more wins and make your name known among racers. As you beat your opponents, you will attract attention, get job offers, gain sponsors and increase your enemies as you become invincible. There will be many cars, tunning, and customization options. You will create your unique vehicles and show off the tracks.

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Before starting your career in Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing, you will make a quick drive to show your driving skills. With your first fancy car, you will immediately get into competitive mode. You will show who will rule the streets and many races. The gameplay is easy to learn, but your performance is up to you. You will rev your engine by tapping the gas pedal, wait until the pointer goes into the green zone, press gear, and speed up through the finish line.

These are extreme, challenging, and fast drag races. Your speed, tires, and exhaust fume will show how you compelling are. Every time your speedometer enters the green tab, you will change gear and launch the nitro at the right moment. Make a fast start, improve your speed and pass the finish point first. As you make your name known and your skills speak for your name, you will get more and more sponsors.

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Get Job Offers

In Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing, your business deals will start after you amaze everyone. After each race, you will see your scores for shifts and quick starts you make and earn prizes. Each mission and job will require specific things, but as a race master, you will complete them successfully and shock your opponents. District racers will also reach you and offer races.

Known and famous racers will resent you and get more greedy whenever they fail to beat you. No one likes a new kid in the streets. You will pass all the racers in Boss Battles and improve your reputation. But it will be an exciting development that the federal wants to work with you. It is the most wanted position in town. You will be both a qualified racer and a police officer. Even if you lose, you will never give up and push the limits to extreme levels.

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Create Fantastic Cars

Before continuing the modes and your career, let's check out the garage. If you are interested in racing, you are undoubtedly close to cars. That's why I know that this is the part that will excite you as much as the game content. You will unlock speedy, outstanding, and different types of cars. You can see the power, weight, grip, and gearbox information and get the fastest and most powerful ones.

In your garage, you can make a collection of your favorite cars. You can upgrade the vehicle's engines, gearbox, turbo, exhaust, etc., by buying new parts. Tune your vehicle to the maximum performance, and customize it. You can change its colors, add additional decals which automatically improve the car's durability, and add neons. Create your most fantastic cars and show them off on the race tracks.

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Try Out Many Modes

In Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing, you can follow daily tasks and collect rewards by completing them. There will be a story mode that continues, and you will progress by finishing the tiers one by one. You will experience your career and your competition with other racers here. But if you want to try different challenges and improve your driving skills, you can join the street, ranking races, or special events, which include versus mode and many events.

You can visit the mechanic and buy power bonuses to tune your car for a few races. You will compete with challenging racers, show your skills, and makes the best scoring. Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing has quality graphics, impressive racing effects, car display, realistic driving mechanics, and engine sound. Go head to head with your opponent, unlock many super speed cars, win races and upgrade your level.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing mod apk file, you will have unlimited money in the game. This way, you can buy all the cars, make customization, add additional parts, and buy powerups. You can have a strong and speedy start even in the beginning races. You can shock your opponents with your speed, gameplay, and fast maneuvers, and you can get your name on the best racers list by winning all the races.