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Updated : 2022.08.09

Cooking Fever Mod Apk is a simulation game where you will manage your restaurant and cook delicious meals. You will serve your customers, cook different dishes, and unlock all world cuisines. You will prepare all kinds of flavors, from sushi to hamburgers and pizza. In Cooking Fever, you will find all the features and entertainment you are looking for and spend hours in the game.

In Cooking Fever, you will fry food, serve drinks and prepare replacement menus for plates. Customers will place their orders in turn, and you will quickly deliver their food without getting them angry. You will beautify your restaurant, upgrade your utensils, and unlock new ingredients to expand your menü. You will become a talented chef and enjoy the tastes of the world.

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You will be welcomed by Michelle, who will help you through the game. If you are ready to be the best chef, cook different cuisine foods, and become the best restaurant in the city by developing your menu, I will start to tell you about your journey with your first stop. You will start with the hamburger, a dish everyone loves but a little easier to cook. Your customers will take turns and place their orders visually. You will choose a hamburger bun, put meat on the stone, wait until it's roasted, and then combine it with the puffy bun. You will drag the foot to the customer and collect the coins. At first, you will only have a stove, a drinks machine, and a plate. So, you should always control the customers' waiting times and prepare quickly. You will unlock more utensils and space over time. When you complete each level, you will earn rewards and complete achievements.

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Upgrade Your Kitchen

In Cooking Fever, you will vary and develop your kitchen with the money you earn. The game will become much more fun as your kitchen appliances increase. You can also upgrade your current utensils or ingredients. This way, you will be able to make more different meals with better taste and speedy. For example, upgrading the cola dispenser can improve your portions and preparation time. You can have more burger fry pans, patties, tabletop, buns, etc. Of course, these are valid for your menu at your first stop.

You will cook dishes from all world cuisines and upgrades as well. Step by step, you will cook different and more delicious foods in each of your kitchens and increase the options for your customers. I am sure you will have many customers wanting to have their burgers with fries and ketchup. You can even serve cupcakes for a dessert. You should always prepare food as much as possible at once and not keep customers waiting. You should pay attention to the timing of the customers and the frequency of the meals you make. Otherwise, the sausage you fried while you have three hotdog sandwiches, will burn in the pan. You throw away the burning things, so you have to be careful.

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Change the Interior

In Cooking Fever, you can follow your completed tasks, level progress and statistics, and upgrade rate at each stop. It is essential for you to keep your restaurant successful and to improve it constantly. After all, your job is to serve so that customer satisfaction will contribute to your success. Another upgrade you can do besides kitchen upgrades is the interior design. Customers will like a cozier, relaxed, and well-arranged restaurant. You can reduce their dissatisfaction while waiting and make your restaurant more unique. You can add a Tv, tables, trees, arcade machine, speakers, bar stools, etc. You can pass the delivery times of the items by using diamonds. With interior designs, you will have extra clients, improve customer waiting time, and increase tip amount and tip time. Usually, the faster you serve, the more coins you earn. You can also upgrade your purchased items and turn them into objects with better style, good look, and quality. You will be fascinated by the final look of your restaurant and be talented with the meals you cook.

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Unlock Different Restaurants

In Cooking Fever, you will get closer to becoming a talented and world-renowned chef, step by step. Cooking Fever will take you to another adventure at every new stop. You will know the cuisine of the whole world and cook different dishes. You will unlock the Sushi Restaurant, Pizzeria, Chinese Restaurant, Indian Dinner, Breakfast Cafe, and Sports Bar. You will make thin and crispy pizzas like a master chef who makes the best pizza's on the street in Italy. Or you will make excellent sushi rolls in the game when you can never cook your rice well in real life. You will cook cultural dishes of India and improve your cooking skills. You will be awake to quickly prepare the orders of the hungry and impatient customers who come in a row and prepare the orders correctly. When you open all the ingredients and kitchen appliances, the game will become the most enjoyable, and you will be a chef who cooks delicious meals.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in the Cooking Fever mod apk file. This way, you can buy all the kitchen ingredients and appliances and create a fascinating counter. Serve your customer with delicious and unique meals, make them happy with a well-designed restaurant and improve your cooking skills. Be a legendary cuisine and cook the world's best meals.