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Android 5.0 +
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Updated : 2022.09.05

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme Mod Apk is a racing game where you will race with tanky and durable cars and try to be the winner. You will enter a world full of action and adrenaline, feel the race, battle, struggle, and motivation every moment, and write your name on the leaderboard by proving your driving skills. You will not only accelerate but also destroy enemy cars with no mercy.

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme will be challenging races with hard-to-pass enemies. Everyone will be professional, determined, and capable of doing anything to be the first person who finishes first. You will purchase fast cars, show off your skills in the tracks, blow out enemies with rockets, activate your nitro, pass the finish line first and be the speediest car on the platform.

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If you are ready for the breathtaking races and never-ending adrenaline in RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme, let's discuss exciting details. You will enter a completely different world and race with epic cars that are giant and invincible. You will spend hours on your Android device with the game's action, show all your maneuvers to be the fastest on the track and try to finish the races first by improving your reflexes.

Each race and chapter will be more difficult, and you will need high-performance vehicles. You will be an unstoppable racer and frighten away other opponents. The gameplay is basic and easy to use. You will use the left and right buttons to go in directions, and your vehicle will automatically accelerate. The course of the race will depend on your strategic moves and driving skills.

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Activate Nitro

Driving will not be your only focus in race battles and survival adventures in RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme. At the same time, you will use the power features at the right moments,  create an advantage, and defend and protect yourself. This adventure will be both a race and a war. You will have rockets to shoot down other enemy cars.

That, you can destroy a few of your enemies with successful shoots. You will also have nitro and shield. When nitro is charged, you will activate it and get ahead on the road with your increasing speed. You will use your shield to protect yourself when a rocket comes from your opponents. You will dominate the tracks and eliminate your opponents as you learn the controls. After playing the races and completing chapters, you will move on to other stages and feel the action more at the highest level with your gigantic cars every time.

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Unlock New Vehicles

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme has very different and tanky cars than the other games. Your big wheels and unique designs will give you a fighting spirit as soon as you look at them. Imagine you will also drive them with high performance and speed. You can purchase a reaper, predator, shifter, annihilator, alien, and many more model vehicles and become a powerful racer.

All will have larger wheels and higher damage, armor, and speed. And also, each car will have a special feature that gives you extra damage. For example, your first car, Tesla Coil, damages nearby enemies with lightning. You will upgrade your vehicles to improve their rating and be on par with enemies.

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Different Modes

In RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme, you will enter different modes and continue your adventure without getting bored for a moment. There will be a rocket arena, tournaments, events, battles, and the main one, which is carrier mode. In all of them, you will encounter challenging obstacles and brutal enemies on the tracks. You will dodge and get them into traps and tricky bumpy barriers on the way.

You will destroy, accelerate and be fearless. You will go through ramps, control sharp turns, avoid thorny traps and overcome many more obstacles to victory. RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme has quality graphics, realistic driving mechanisms and races, and never-ending action epic battles. You will both compete and advance by destroying your enemies. With your tanky and powerful cars, you will prove yourself on the tracks without giving up and leaving all other vehicles behind.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme mod apk file offers you unlimited money in the game. This way, you can unlock more powerful cars and make upgrades freely. Even in the first races, you will show your unstoppable speed and destroy or pass through all the opponents until you reach the finish line. This game will immediately become your favorite activity and a platform where you can burn all your energy.