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Updated : 2022.08.17

Hunter Assassin Mod Apk is a mobile game where you will be an assassin and try to defeat the enemies one by one with the knife in your hand. Your goal in the game is to defeat the soldiers in the enemy headquarters and capture these headquarters. For this, you have to catch the enemies in the headquarters one by one and make them taste death.

The only thing you need to pay attention to in the game is that while you defeat an enemy, other enemies do not detect you. If you are detected, the entire headquarters will be alerted and dozens of soldiers will be sent to your location to catch you. To avoid this situation, you should always try to protect your privacy and treacherously stab your enemies before confronting them.

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In Hunter Assassin, just click on the point you want to go in order to move your character. For example, you saw an enemy walking alone. You can sneak up on the enemy by clicking on the back of that enemy and neutralize it with a single knife move. In order not to be detected in the game, you must not be seen by the flashlights in the hands of the soldiers. Enemies can easily locate you and eliminate you if you are visible to any flashlights.

If you are detected by an enemy with a flashlight in the game, you must quickly move away from your location and hide behind the boxes. You can use every box, door and room you see on the screen to hide. After relocating, you have to try to advance in a way that will defeat the enemies one by one in order not to draw attention to you again. For each enemy you defeat in the game, you will earn a money prize. With the money you earn, you can improve your character or unlock new characters. In this way, you will be much stronger by increasing your attack and defense values.

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An Assassin's Most Important Weapon is Stealth!

Assassin, as the name suggests, is the name given to people who have taken an oath of secrecy. An assassin's greatest weapon is concealment. How effectively you use this weapon is entirely up to you. You must corner the enemies and do your job quietly.

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Let's Take a Look at the Characters

There are dozens of characters in Hunter Assassin. There are different aspects that each character is good at. For example, one character is very good at silence, while the other character can take very little damage due to its high armor and health. This situation is completely related to the characteristics of the character. By developing each character, you can highlight different features. You can also choose from the available characters. You will definitely need a lot of money to do all this. I want you to know that I am always with you as Apk Modster to meet this need.

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Knives, Swords and Katanas

Although assassins are known as masters in the use of blades, they can also use swords and katanas. After determining your own style, you should choose a weapon. You can view all the weapons you have acquired in the game by clicking the inventory button in the main menu or from the profile tab. For example, if you want to finish off the enemy with a slow but effective method, the katana will be a very logical solution. Likewise, you can use your knives to advance quickly and defeat the enemies with a few moves.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The Hunter Assassin mod apk file provides you with endless money cheats that you can use in the game. So, you can unlock the best characters, improve the characters , and buy the most powerful weapons with the money you get. Now, without even having to be silent, you will declare their limits to all the enemies that come your way.