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Updated : 2022.08.30

Cooking City Mod Apk is a fun mobile game where you will open your own restaurant in a small city and serve as a chef to customers. When you enter the game, you will see that you do not have much material and food variety at the beginning. Your goal is to increase the variety of ingredients, food and make your restaurant a better place to become the best chef in the city. For this, you have to work hard, value customers and take your business seriously.

You should not forget that you are racing against time in the game. Because customers can tolerate the situation for a certain period of time while waiting for their orders. When you go over the limit, you will make them angry and they think badly about your restaurant.This will lower the reputation of your restaurant. It is very important to be quick to prevent such a situation.

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In terms of gameplay, I can say that the same themes are handled as a classic cooking game. You have to put the materials on the counter through various processes, put them on the plate and serve. For example, you should fry the breads. For this, you have to press and hold the bread and place it inside the toaster. Likewise, you can run the coffee machine beforehand in order to quickly serve customers who want coffee. This way you will gain extra time.

In the Cooking City game, you can view the orders in the panel that will appear next to the customers. You will also see a green bar next to this panel. The bar here represents the customer's waiting time. When the bar is completely exhausted, the customer cancels the order and leaves. You progress day by day in the game. Every day there is a certain score you have to reach. You can find this score next to the chef hat icon you see at the top of the screen. When you complete the score, the day ends and you can move on to the new day.

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Ingredients and Dishes

At the end of each day you complete in Cooking City, you will receive experience points and money. You should spend your money to increase your food variety by purchasing new ingredients. In this way, your customer portfolio will expand. In this way, you will serve more people and start earning more money.

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Open New Branches

It won't work with just one restaurant. You should open new branches in all points of the city. By creating your own restaurant chain, you should strive to announce your brand to the whole city and country. To purchase a new branch, you must return to the main menu and click on the gray restaurants. But before that you need cards with key image on them. For example, when opening your first branch, you will need 15 cards. This number will increase in other branches. You can open new branches by collecting these cards, which you will get both in the store and at the end of each day.

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What Should You Choose?

I know you are a successful cook. However, some dishes may not sell well in your location. In order to prevent this situation, you should try to open the materials and dishes that the game offers you. In this way, you will both make the right choice and unlock the foods with the highest potential to sell.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money with the Cooking City mod apk file. In this way, you can unlock all the materials in the game. Therefore, you can create new types of dishes with the ingredients. You can also purchase the key cards required to increase the number of your branches.