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Android 4.4 +
100.2 MB
Updated : 2022.06.19

Flip Diving Mod Apk is a quality mobile game where you can have fun by doing Frontflip, Backflip, making artistic dives from high points with different characters, and trying tricks. You can earn money by diving in the game, you can unlock new characters with the tricks you learn.

Each character in Flip Diving has different abilities. For example, one character may be good at jumping while another character may be good at somersaulting. You can view all the characters by clicking on the human icon at the bottom left of the screen. If your Android version is 4.4 and above, you can experience Flip Diving without interruption. Since the system requirements of the game are also quite low, it would not be wrong to say that it is playable on almost all phone models.

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Let’s Look at Flip Diving

In terms of gameplay, Flip Diving has really simple mechanics. Before diving, you must prepare your character for jumping. By clicking on your character, you should take your hand off the screen by tilting towards the point where you will dive. In this way, your character will jump and take the correct position for diving. After taking the position, you can turn your character while floating in the air, somersaults and similar different acrobatic moves.

You will progress through the levels in the game. For example, you can do the Frontflip move in one section and try different tricks in the other section. As a result of the sections, how well you do the movements will be measured and you will get a point as a result. If you can do the moves correctly, you will be rewarded with words of praise and lots of money.

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Unlock Tricks

You can see different tricks created for diving in Flip Diving game. You must try these tricks one by one and unlock them all by completing them successfully. Otherwise, you cannot use the tricks that you have not unlocked in freediving mode. You can view the menu, where you can view all the tricks and unlock them by trying, by clicking the button at the bottom left of the screen.

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Jump by Gold Position

Section designs are completely made according to the position of gold in Flip Diving. Therefore, during the jump, you should position your character so that it is directly on the gold. In this way, you can earn extra points by making the most correct jump, and as a result of these points, you can get more cash prizes.

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Characters and Daily Spin Rewards

You can find all kinds of characters in the game, from a basketball player to a bodybuilder, from a businessman to Teddy the Bear. These characters will have some unique features. For example, although the bodybuilder character is good at jumping, he will have a hard time performing acrobatic moves while floating. In this way, you can try out the characters and find the character that best suits your play style and buy it.
There is one last point I would like to mention about Flip Diving. Thanks to the daily spin rewards, you can unlock tricks you don't want to play or can't complete. So you can get any random trick for free without having to complete the tricks. All you have to do for this is to click on the daily reward button that appears at the end of the chapter.

Money Mod Apk File Download

What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money with the Flip Diving mod apk file. Thus, you can buy all the characters in the game and play to the fullest. You can also unlock all the tricks and perform difficult acrobatic moves while diving. Now you will be able to pass all levels easily.