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Ultimate Robot Fighting Mod Apk is a mobile game like Mortal Kombat where you will battle robots with different abilities and special attacks. You can find many fictional robot characters such as Zero G, Ghost Face, Brutal Barista, Jonnie Law in the game. Each character has different characteristics and interactions. For example, when you want to create a team, you should give importance to synergy. If your team's abilities are not compatible with each other, it is very possible that you will have difficulties in battles.

In the game, you will use cards to create a team of robots. You can get character cards for free. You can arrange the cards you have obtained by returning to the main menu and form a team with synergy. For starters, I can recommend the trio of Kawaii, Zero G and Ghost Face.
You will progress with the logic of the level in the game. The number and power of the enemies you will encounter in each level will increase gradually. In the meantime, you will not be idle, you will improve your robots and expand your deck.

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What Can You Do in Ultimate Robot Fighting Game?

I told you that you have a deck in the game and you create your own deck by choosing the cards of the robot characters. After creating your deck, you can view the opponents you will encounter in the level and start the war by clicking the green button at the bottom right. You can click on the character icons in the upper left part to switch between the characters during the war. When one of your characters dies, you will automatically switch to another.

The attack mechanics of the game are quite impressive. Completely different attack schemes have been created for each character. In other words, you cannot memorize the attacks of the characters and make moves accordingly.

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Game Details

This is an element that makes the war more realistic and impressive. In order to attack, you must wait for your opponent's weak moment and quickly click the screen to land your fists in the opponent's face. Finally, you can finish off your opponent using the finisher skill.

It is very important that you do not miss the finisher skill in Ultimate Robot Fighting. There will be a moment when you can score a finisher when the opponent's health is nearly zero. If you can't achieve your finisher skill within this moment, you will give the opponent another chance. That's why you need to be careful not to miss your finisher skill and to watch the right moment in order to finish the opponent's job quickly.

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Create the Synergy

According to the story of the game, some characters' abilities or past experiences do not allow them to be together. That's why you need to pay attention to synergy while building your deck with character cards. If the synergy decreases when you add a new character, you should find the other character that does not match this character and replace it. By choosing the stronger character, you must sacrifice the other character.

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Rewards and Missions

Ultimate Robot Fighting has a unique and high quality mission scheme within itself. You get money rewards as you complete missions and win battles. With the money you get, you can buy the best characters and add them to your deck. In addition, you can view your tasks by clicking the trophy icon in the main menu and get the rewards of the tasks you have completed with a single click.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money with the Ultimate Robot Fighting mod apk file. Thus, you can buy the best characters in the game and include them in your deck. Now you have a big trump card against the enemies. You must show your skills and strategy to complete all levels easily.