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Law Empire Tycoon Mod Apk is an immersive mobile game where you will run a law firm and work on case files with professional lawyers. You are establishing a law firm with private lawyers who are on duty in the case files of serious crimes such as theft, murder, etc. Your goal is to try to earn money by improving both the law firm, the skills and work ethic of your lawyers.

In the Law Empire Tycoon game produced by Codigames, it is very important that you impress the judge in the case files you will receive and turn the event in your favor by presenting evidence. All your customers in the game are people who have no real crimes and are accused of crimes. That's why you need to prove their innocence. If you cannot use the evidence you have correctly and act independently of the event, you can watch an innocent person go to prison.

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Let's Look at Law Empire Tycoon

When you enter the game, you first wait for new case files to arrive. Initially, you only work with a female lawyer named Naomi. Naomi's first case file is on theft. A person whose jewelry has been stolen accuses his neighbor of stealing. You examine the clues and evidence found to prove that the neighbor is not a thief. In order for the case to proceed, you must click on the evidence with a question mark. This way you can unlock the evidence and keep the case moving forward.

In Law Empire Tycoon, if you are making the case progress as quickly as possible, you should make improvements using the resources you have. With the improvements, the process will run much faster, the evidence that cannot be found will be revealed and you will be able to get more detailed information about the event. You can hire private detectives to investigate the crime scene, and you can prove to the judge who the criminal is, thanks to the clues you will find.

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Defend Your Client to The Judge!

When you appear before the judge while the case file is being viewed, you will see a bar at the top of the screen representing the current situation. On the left side is guilty, on the right is acquittal. Your goal is to move the needle to the area where the acquittal is written and to turn the bar completely green. If you can achieve this until the case is over, you will successfully defend your client and win the case.

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Focus on Evidence

The most important element in Law Empire Tycoon is the evidence. If you have enough evidence and can unlock that evidence, you will have a huge advantage to turn the case in your favor. However, if you don't get the evidence before entering the case and you can't resolve the case fully, you will most likely be the loser of the case. Which means your client will be imprisoned innocently.

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Reward Your Achievements with the Members Board

There is a menu in the game called members board with your achievements. In this menu, there are different tasks such as "Find 3 theft cases". You do not need to make any special efforts to complete these tasks. As long as you do your job properly, the tasks will be completed automatically. Next to the completed tasks, you will see the amount of reward you will receive for the task. Check the members board every now and then to unlock achievements and get rewards corresponding to your achievements.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money with the Law Empire Tycoon mod apk file. This way, you can unlock all the evidence you need to easily win the case files and support the case with improvements. You can also increase the credibility of your law firm by hiring the most professional lawyers. Now customers will know that you will be the first address when they call a lawyer.