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Draw Joust! Mod Apk is an enjoyable mobile game where you will draw yourself a vehicle through ink and fight against enemies. There are thousands of chapters in the game. The difficulty level of the enemies gradually increases in each chapter. For this, you need to draw. The shape and size of the vehicle is entirely up to you. However, you are allowed to draw within certain limits for chapters.

Equality is very important in the game. That's exactly why your opponent's vehicle and your vehicle must be the same size. Here, the most important factor that will make you stand out during the war will be the shape you choose for the vehicle. After you draw, you will see that the areas you draw are covered with ink. The party that first pops the opponent's balloons during the battle will be counted as the winner of the battle. I say balloon because the inks you draw turn into balloons after a while.

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What will you do in the Draw Joust! Game?

I think I've explained exactly what you're going to do in the game. However, I am sure that a few tips that will help you at the point of gameplay will be useful to you. First of all, after both your opponent and your drawings are completed, you will climb on the vehicle and fight against the enemy with the spear in your hand. If you are the first to move and you can move your vehicle as the battle begins, you will most likely be the winner of the battle. Because until the opponent moves, the spear will be stuck in his neck.

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As a result of the battles you will win in the game, you will get a money reward. You can make improvements by spending money to strengthen the ink you will use in drawing and your vehicle. You can view your total money in the game and the improvements you can make in the main menu. I advise you not to wait for your money and always focus on improvements. In this way, you will be able to fight against the enemies on equal terms no matter which section you are in.

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There are 4 different development titles in the game. If we talk about these in turn, we can start with the ink development first. Ink development allows your vehicle's outer layer to be much stronger when drawing. Thanks to the power upgrade, you can strengthen your vehicle and increase your defense against all enemy attacks. You can get a second chance in enemy attacks by increasing your character's health thanks to the health boost. Finally, I would like to point out that there is another development where you can earn passive income.

I can rank the improvements here in order of importance as ink, power and life. You will not need passive income because you will have the money cheat. That's why you have to take all the upgrades to the last level and win the enemies on the battlefield.

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Use Shapes Effectively!

Since you are drawing in order to create your vehicle in the game, you also determine the shapes yourself. Before drawing, you must determine your strategy according to the shape of the enemy vehicle that appears in the upper right part of the screen. If you create a vehicle exactly as the enemy wants, it is quite possible that you will be defeated. However, considering the shape of the enemy vehicle, you will be able to win against your enemies when you draw a vehicle in a way that can defeat this shape in the easiest way.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money with the Draw Joust! Mod apk file. Thus, you can maximize all the improvements you need, you will both increase your defense against enemy attacks and increase your attack damage by increasing your power. Now is the time to strike fear into the enemies!