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Updated : 2022.09.09

Stick War: Legacy Mod Apk is a game where you will try to establish your own kingdom by fighting against corruption, injustice and tyrants in the world of stickman. Stick War: Legacy reveals how brutal and intriguing the stickman world is. If you are ready to fight against all these injustices, I invite you to play Stick War: Legacy.

According to the story of the game, things get confused in the world of Stickman and a world war breaks out. The states you know as friends turn their backs on you and leave you alone and join forces with the tyrant states. Now you are alone on this journey. You cannot trust anyone. By creating your troops, you must destroy all the states and build your own empire. You have to prove to your friends that they made a big mistake.

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How to Play Stick War: Legacy?

You will progress by completing the battles in the game. You have to make a special effort to win each battle. During the battle, you will see representative statues of both your opponent and you. The side that manages to overthrow their opponent's statue is deemed to have won the battle. In order to win the war, it is very important to mine and earn money. You will see gold mines in front of the statue. You can form miner associations to dig these mines.

You can start producing warrior units when miner units earn you money by working. You can use the buttons at the top left of the screen to produce a unit. Above the buttons, you will see an icon representing the troop and a number indicating the cost of one soldier to you. Although you fight soldiers with spiked clubs at the beginning, units with swords, archers and horses will be unlocked as you progress.

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Determine Your Strategy

The most important thing to win or lose a war is war strategy. You must know where to stand, defend or attack. A good commander should act by considering all the details and be able to defeat the enemies with a good war strategy without risking his soldiers. If you are confident in your strategy, you can make changes during the war by choosing one of the attacks, defense and stance positions at the top right of the screen.

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Military Units

I just told you that as you level up, you will unlock new military units. You can view all the troops you have unlocked at the end of the war and strengthen your troops. I want you to know that especially archers are very good at ranged attacks. However, when you take a defensive position, you will also need melee units. You should establish the balance well and keep your troops strong by making continuous improvements.

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Empower Your Soldiers with Equipment

Troops can already be strengthened in terms of damage, armor and health. However, if you want to make extra moves and have a goal of gaining a significant advantage against your enemies during the war, you can try to strengthen your soldiers with equipment. You can use the equipment you purchased by placing your units in the empty boxes in the menu you view, and you can ensure that each unit you produce is equipped with equipment. It is now possible to say that your enemies are right to fear you. Because thanks to improvements and equipment, your soldiers will become unstoppable forces. Now is the time to command that power and take back what is rightfully yours!

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money thanks to the Stick War: Legacy mod apk file. In this way, you can destroy the statues of your enemies by producing all the military units necessary for you to win the wars, and you can simply win the war. You can also strengthen your troops and equip them with the best equipment.