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Updated : 2022.05.05

Benji Bananas Mod Apk is a parkour game that came out almost 10 years ago but still offers a surprisingly fun experience. In the game you are a blond monkey. Your goal is to cling the ropes hanging from the trees, soar in the air and complete the parkour.  While doing this, you must collect the bananas you see on the screen. You can think of the bananas you collect as money. So in this game, bananas are used instead of money. I'm sure a monkey will need bananas more than money.

Benji Bananas is one of the first mobile games that managed to reach millions of players. Especially if you have played mobile games in the 2010s, you must have heard the name of this game. Even if you haven't heard of it, no one can say you missed something. Because now you know the game and you can play it. You also have the chance to experience this game by having the money mod.

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How to Play Benji Bananas

I talked about some details about the game in general. So what makes this game special? How is the gameplay mechanic and what do you need to do to soar in the air? If you wish, let's answer these questions one by one. First of all, what makes the game special is that it offers a very fluid and fun experience. Although we are not faced with a perfect production in terms of graphics, I am sure that you will be really surprised when you witness how much you enjoy playing the game.

Benji Bananas game is very simple in terms of gameplay and has mechanics that everyone can understand without difficulty. All you have to do to soar through the air in the game is to click on the screen. For example, if you jumped from a rope and want to hold on to the other. When you reach the rope, you can hold the rope by clicking on the screen once. Then you can jump at a suitable moment and hold on to the next rope, and you can easily complete the parkour by continuing in this way without falling to the ground.

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We completed the levels, crossed the parkour and picked the bananas. There should be a menu in the game where we will use bananas as money. This menu is the upgrade menu. In the menu, you will encounter a total of 3 different upgrades. These are listed as Vine Fertilizer, Wingsuit and Swing Boost. Especially in the first stage, I can say that Swing Boost will be very useful for you and will contribute to your speed-up. You can complete the other two upgrades as you progress through the game. So don't forget to spend on upgrades as your bananas accumulate.

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Break Your Own Record!

Every time you want to play Benji Bananas, you will encounter completely different and unique parkour. The difficulty of the parkours here is completely up to chance. However, when you are skilled and fully grasp the game, I am sure that you will be able to pass any parkour without difficulty.

In fact, the words to complete or pass are not very possible in this game. Because parkours are endless. On your way to infinity, you must try to increase the distance you can advance in order to win the highest reward and to have your name written on the records table. It is possible to view the distance you have reached during your experiment in the upper right part of the screen.

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Single-use Items and Boosts

Benji Bananas has another menu where you can spend your bananas. You can buy single-use items and boosts from this menu. By using items, you can overcome long distances in a very short time and gain an advantage to break your record.

Money Mod Apk File Download

What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money with Benji Bananas mod apk file. Thanks to this apk file, you can maximize all the upgrades in the game and increase your personal level with single-use items and boosts.