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Updated : 2022.09.09

Left to Survive Mod Apk is a mobile game full of action and tension, where you will try to survive against the zombie epidemic spreading all over the world. According to the story of the game, after a virus emerged, people begin to turn into zombies. When the epidemic spreads all over the world, there are a few thousand people left who do not turn into zombies. And you are one of these people. Your goal is to find food to survive and clear the zombies around your base.

You don't just defend your base in the game. At the same time, when you need something, you can capture certain points by giving raids. Since you have your own team, you manage everything together. What would the world be like if almost all of humanity turned into zombies and only a few thousand people were left struggling to find the antidote? You still have a chance to save and bring back your loved ones. But above all you have to survive.

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Let's Look at Left to Survive

When you enter the game, there is a button at the bottom right of the screen that allows you to shoot. Next to the button, you will see numbers expressing your total number of bullets. In the game, you can move your hand on the screen to aim at the zombies. In each mission, you will fight against powerful zombies and try to protect your team by defeating them.

As a result of the missions you complete in Left to Survive, the main story will progress and you will encounter new dialogues. You will also earn bombs, first aid kit and money at the end of each mission. You can buy new weapons or equipment with the money you earn. By improving your character, you can become much stronger against zombies.

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Capture Military Headquarters Filled with Zombies

You have to defend yourself to survive. For that, you need weapons. You can find all kinds of weapons, bombs and armored vehicles in military bases. But first you need to capture these bases. For example, in one part of the story you will need a helicopter. You will clear a huge military base from zombies and steal the helicopter to save your friends. You can find many similar missions in the game.

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Build Your Own Camp

In one part of the story, your base will be destroyed. For this you will need to set up your own camp. You will set up your camp on an empty field. Here you can buy many things for people to live easily. You can replenish your food stock and buy weapons and equipment by teaming up with your surviving friends.

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Melee Attacks and Enemy Groups

You can be exposed to melee attacks in the game. Zombies can jump in front of you in an instant. In this case, you can move quickly by clicking the knife icon on the fire button and kill the zombie standing at your bottom in one move.

In addition, sometimes you may have to encounter multiple enemy groups. The easiest way to defeat these groups of enemies is to use your bombs. Thanks to the free bombs you will earn at the end of each level, you can easily eliminate the zombies without any difficulty and without spending any bullets. If you don't have any bombs left, you can go to the shop menu and buy the best and most effective bombs.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have endless money in the Left to Survive mod apk file. In this way, you will be able to buy all the weapons, bombs and equipment in the game. You will be able to obtain whatever is necessary for your survival and be victorious in your war against zombies.