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Updated : 2022.05.01

Zombie Defense Mod Apk is an immersive mobile game where you will defend your base against the attacks of zombie groups and try to pass the levels. When you enter the game, you first have to choose any of the 5 different difficulty modes. The modes are Regular, Nightmare, 3-Man Challenge, TV Challenge and Boss Challenge. If you have just started the game, you can enjoy playing the Regular mode. However, if you are someone who says that I am very good at such games, Nightmare mode will be fun for you.

However, before moving on to the defense part, I would like to talk about the main difference between the modes. The strength of zombies is not the same in every mode. For example, zombies have almost twice the power difference between Regular and Nightmare modes. Also, the levels numbers of some mods are not the same. You can read the detailed information to determine the most suitable mode for you.

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How to play?

Zombie Defense is a game where you can easily complete the levels with a simple strategy. In the game, you will use the vehicles as a defense structure and protective shield. By positioning your troops in the areas in the middle of the vehicles, you can put up an effective defense against the zombies that will attack from every point.

You must not forget to give weapons to your troops in the game. You can give any weapon you want by clicking on each unit one by one. If you don't have enough guns or ammo, you can buy new guns and extra ammo using your money. After the preparation stage is over, the zombies will attack your troops. The most important factor in easily repelling the attack is the position of your troops. You need to choose the best location to use the tools effectively.

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Upgrade your troops

As you complete the levels, the level and difficulty of the zombies you will encounter will increase. You have an important trump card against this development and increase in difficulty. By increasing the level of your soldiers and improving them, you can make them much better in terms of both defense and attack. For example, you can deal twice as much damage with a single level increase. That's why I recommend you to develop as long as you have money. You will get the fastest return on any investment you make in your troops.

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Follow the Zombie Waves

While the zombies are attacking from all sides, you can create new units simultaneously and position these units at any point. For example, when faced with the last wave of zombies, you can try to defend with a few units so as not to waste your troops. Because there will be very few zombies left anyway. That's why you can take a look at the panel at the top of the screen to follow the waves of zombies and view the number of zombies remaining.

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Tasks and Reward Chest

In Zombie Defense, you will automatically receive tasks within the level. You can earn reward chests when you complete missions. You can get weapons and equipment from these chests. You can be more effective against zombies by using all kinds of weapons and equipment on your troops.

Money Mod Apk File Download

What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

Thanks to the Zombie Defense mod apk file, you will have unlimited money in the game. In this way, you can first create new units, and then increase the ranks of your units and strengthen them. Now you will be able to form a special team against zombies and do special missions to save the people left behind.