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Updated : 2022.09.11

Real Gangster Crime Mod Apk is an action game where you will be a rule breaker and try to do missions in a criminal city. Everyone you turn around will be dangerous, bloodthirsty, and selfish. You will dominate the ghetto streets lined with eye-catching skyscrapers and magnificent city lights, and you will fight against the most brutal gangsters and make your name heard.

In Real Gangster Crime, you will try to succeed in your gangster career, accomplish the missions you receive, and show who the real criminal is. In a city full of evil, you will use pomped guns, shoot, punch, fight, use a knife, and streak fear. If you like crime games, know no boundaries, and want to be a vagrant without following the rules, this game is for you.

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Dominate the Streets

If you are ready to roam the streets without fear and be in the violence, I am starting the explain the game. There will be a tutorial at the beginning, so you don't need to worry about gameplay. In short, if I have to explain, you move your character with the joystick, attack your enemy with the right button, and choose your weapon with the foot icon. Now you are ready to explore the city full of mafias. In Real Gangster Crime, as an ill-repute criminal, you are held by many people and take on missions. Your main goal is to complete missions one by one, stay survive, and take your money. You will face challenging missions each time, fight multiple criminals and even the police, avoid traps and stay alert every minute. You will be ruthless, fearless, and rush to another adventure in the bloody streets at any moment. In this underground world, you will fight, shoot, dodge, chase, and become unstoppable.

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Get Your Weapon

Real Gangster Crime has a variety of weapons such as Machine Gun, M34, and Colete M4. You will need powerful weapons to defeat the vagrants, complete conflicts, and shoot the targets successfully. There is also armor and medkit that you can equip. You can see the weapons' damage, fire rate, and clip size information. As the mission progress, you must purchase more powerful weapons and take down your enemies. As this is an ultimate gangster game, you will not only aim at targets but also fight, escape and even drive a vehicle. You will experience real fight scenes and feel like a street thug. In the store, there are many vehicles of different types as trucks, motorcycles, heavy tanks, aircraft, bicycles, and ground assault mechs. I guess so many options must have got you excited. You will choose the vehicle that is suitable for you for each mission.

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Create a Brutal Character

In Real Gangster Crime, your character will have a unique and specific look. There is a stylish and badass option to customize your character. You can create a look yourself or be inspired by villains and gangsters from movies you've seen before. You can show yourself as ruthless as possible and make others take a step back with your smug attitude. To hide your identity, you can choose between fun and scary masks such as clown, dragon, horse head, shop package, and ninja. Or you can show yourself a real street gangster with bandanas and hats. It can be whatever you want to look like, and you can even try a new style in every new mission: your game, your streets, your character.

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Accomplish Missions Fearlessly

In Real Gangster Crime, you will face different missions such as shooting games, spying, looting, and make gangster crimes. Sometimes you will fight with more than ten people and defeat fierce enemies or destroy police vehicles. Each one will be more fun and exciting than the other. An experience where no minute is calm, where you are always running or chasing, where you can enjoy the game with its realistic content and graphics awaits you. If you are a real challenger, you can check the activity tracking and look at your progress.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Real Gangster Crime mod apk file, you will never run out of money in the game. You will start the game stronger, get all the vehicles and weapons, and be unstoppable. In this city where the excitement does not stop for a moment, where not a single good person lives, where the streets are full of terror and crime, you will be a notorious criminal, and you will strike fear into the whole city.