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Updated : 2022.08.31

Idle Lumber Empire Mod Apk is a Simulation game where you will manage a business. You take over a lumber business established in the forest and enjoy being in a world among the woods. You will feel the smell of the earth, and you will have a relaxing yet enjoyable experience with quality graphics and minimalist visuals.

In the Idle Lumber Empire, you will care for your workers, expand, buy new forests and make trades. Although everyone dreams big at first, it is not easy to realize and cope with them. You will achieve your dreams by developing your sawmill and be proud of your success. As the factory develops, you will get excited, work harder, and get more ambitious.

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In Idle Lumber Empire, your main goal is to manage, sustain, and expand a lumper manufacturing business. When you first enter the game, Lisa greets you and informs you that your uncle is tired of working and now wants to give you the business. You find yourself in a place full of trees and logs. Here you will build a vast lumber empire and grow your factory. For your business to function well, you must first hire workers and provide the necessary tools. You will employ lumberjacks and train them to upgrade levels with the help of Lisa. There are also three planters that you should hire. In the beginning, you have log trucks and forklifts as vehicles. You must apply all of these and start your journey.

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Expand and Grow

It would help if you did not forget that you own a company and consider every detail. You must ensure that the work is not interrupted and the production continues. You will quickly grow once you get enough workers and vehicles, follow the upgrades, and always watch your employees. Since there will be a flow of orders, you should always have extra products in stock. I'm sure your inner manager will come out, and you will develop your sawmill.  At first, you will become the medium sawmill and then the modern sawmill, and it will go like that. You will get excited as you grow, delight in your new workers, and increase your trade by developing your woodland.

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Get Some Help

As you progress through the Idle Lumber Empire, you will not be able to control everything. At this point, managers such as canting managers, and resawing managers will come to you. Of course, we would not be happy if they were our managers, but fortunately, they will manage our workers. For example, Daniel, Hannah, Tyler and Darius will watch debarker work parts. Even if you have assistants, remember that the real work is done with you. You will see workers sleeping in between. You don't have to hesitate to wake them up. They immediately wake up and get behind the wheel when you nudge them.

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Focus the Forest

You won't believe it when you see the game's progress as it was when you first started. You will create a factory from a small area and small-scale businesses. After you progress through the game, everything is mass-produced, you have lots of workers, and sometimes your trade grows so much that you cannot follow it. But at the beginning of everything, all the lumber business depends on the trees. Therefore, you have to take care, grow your forests and hire as many workers as possible. The more trees you cut down, the more you can produce. You will upgrade your cantıng machine as well. Your trade will reach incredible dimensions as you make rapid production and build up your stocks. Idle Lumber Empire will give you an enjoyable experience with quality, minimal graphics, and calm gameplay in the forest landscape. A game that you will grow step by step and turn into an empire is waiting for you.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

In the Idle Lumber Empire mod apk file, you will never run out of money. You can buy all the employees, vehicles, and machines easily and upgrade them nonstop. You can grow your factory in the blink of an eye, rise in minutes and scare the industry with your success. If you believe you can manage a vast factory and trust your management skill, this game is for you.