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Updated : 2022.09.02

Lily's Garden Mod Apk is a puzzle game where you will do puzzles and renovations. Here is a fun game suitable for all ages, where everything comes together. You will do puzzles, decorate and take part in a great story. You will witness and accompany Lily's ever-changing life and recreate a vast and impressive house.

In  Lily's Garden, you will play mini-games, collect stars, and do renovation tasks. Sometimes you will clean the garbage and cut the grass, and sometimes you will plant colorful flowers and create designs that give you a boost of energy. You will meet Lily's neighbors, cousins, etc., and establish genuine relationships. You won't believe how much you progress in the game that you started by arranging the garden.

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Story of the Game

Dear Lily has experienced a breakup and cannot relieve her sadness, and then she receives the news of the death of her Grand Aunt Mary, whom she loves very much. As she thinks about what could get worse, she learns that her aunt gave everything to her. It includes her house among the mountains. No matter how upset Lily is, she will get there and be able to have a joyous new life. When you reach the house, you will encounter a slightly different scene from the fascinating and glorious home that Lily remembers from her childhood. It is still vast, beautiful, and charming but needs fixing and renovation. Right here, the game starts, and everything is up to you. You will clean up and renovate the garden and also inside the house and buy new items and flowers to make the house its old glories. You will be able to choose everything according to your taste and create an entirely different design.

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You will fix and renovate the house step by step in Lily's Garden. In the fix mailbox, there will be the tasks. You had enough stars to start the task. To complete your stars, you will play match-3 puzzle games. I am sure you will enjoy these little mini-games. While doing the tasks, you will be together with Lily's scripts, and even her neighbors will visit so you will never feel alone. You will start the change with the garden. Sometimes you will have to clean up the messes and, most of the time, put everything back in as new. You will re-create everything from the beginning, such as flowers, fences, walkways, armchairs, wallpapers, etc. You will have several designs, colors, and style options. You will be blown away with happiness when you see the final version of each space you have recreated.

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Build Relationships

The most significant difference that distinguishes Lily's Garden from other puzzle and decoration games is that the story continues. You will not just play a soulless game where you will choose new lamps, different paintings, and windows. On the contrary, you will witness and live the life of Lily. You will meet your neighbors, gardener, cousin, etc., and build relationships with them. Sometimes you will go out for coffee with them, look after their dog, and ask for help with your house. As the game progresses, you will become more involved, and your bond with the new home you have created will become stronger. Every day you will wake up to a new adventure, new restorations, and a continuation of the new story.

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Unlock Mysteries

When I first ever knew that there were secret compartments and rooms in this large house, I was surprised. But all is safe and empty, so you don't have to worry. Everything in this game is cheerful, colorful, and happy. You will discover hidden places like a cellar door.  A game with secret areas, puzzles, unique decorations, and a story awaits you. Especially if you like decoration games, you shouldn't miss it. You will have a choice of styles in many designs. You will renew and create a house full of flowers and bright colors. Flowers, benches, beehives, and expanding life stories will amaze you. If your friends are not with you or are bored, you can have fun in Lily's world and spend hours peacefully. Blooming flowers, sunny air, lovely friends, colorful designs, and many tasks with puzzles will give you more joy than ever happen.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

You will have unlimited money in the Lily's Garden mod apk file. In this way, you can do all the tasks without trying to reach the required stars and enjoy the game without any disruption. You will create magnificent flower beds, glamours garden, do fascinating renovations and make Lily's story unforgettable. Many customization options, quality graphics, detailed stories, unique characters, and blast puzzles will welcome you.