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Updated : 2022.07.21

Zombie Tsunami Mod Apk is an arcade game where you will have an endless-runner journey with greedy zombies. In games with zombie content, the main goal is to try to be a saver and protect humanity. This time, you will be on the side of the zombies. If you have never supported them before, you can be sure that you will have an even more memorable and exciting experience.

In your adventure that you start with a few zombies, you will eat all the people on the deadly road, transform them, and become an army. It's impossible to stop the zombies that smash all kinds of vehicles in front of them. All you can do is help them overcome the obstacles and jump off the rock holes.

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You will start your first hunt in Zombie Tsunami as a single one. After your first bite, you will increase your number by converting the pedestrians you eat. You will run on an endless road filled with many obstacles, such as vehicles, voids, and explosives until you complete your goal. The game's primary goal is to eat as many civilians as possible and not decrease the number by overcoming the obstacles. The gameplay mechanics are easy but require great attention. It is a practical one-touch game where you press the screen to jump and hold longer for more extended movements. You will pay attention to all obstacles, feed the zombies whose mouths are as wide as crocodiles, and spread fear on the sidewalks as an army that has grown to an uncountable extent. You will accomplish your missions and take rewards. The missions can vary like playing three games, killing 80 policies, flip vehicles, etc. I am sure that no one will stand against your boss zombies, and you will complete the most difficult missions in the Zombie Tsunami.

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Watch Out the Obstacles

In Zombie Tsunami, you will encounter different obstacles. There will be gaping roads, bombs, quakes, and suddenly coming cars. You have to avoid the obstacles and set the timing of the jumps correctly. Otherwise, some zombie monsters may explode or fall through the gaps. Remember that the higher your number, the stronger you are. The challenges you encounter and your speed will increase as you go further on the road. You have to improve your reflexes and feed your zombies. As zombies get more robust and grow, they will overcome more situations and eat bigger things. In Zombie Tsunami, you need to have the required number of zombies to eat the vehicles. For example, you must have four zombies to overturn the car and eat the people inside, or at least eight to overcome a minibus. No matter how many whistles the cops blow or people shout from the car window, you will never show mercy and turn everyone into zombies.

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Make Upgrades

In Zombie Tsunami, you will be able to add excitement to the game with the upgrades. Your progress in the game appears as poison. The higher your poison level, the more power-ups you can get. With upgrades, you can start the game with extra zombies or change your skills by strengthening. You will have skills that will bring you joy, and you will be able to develop them. If I start with the experiences everyone can have at the beginning of the game, for example, the Tsunami feature destroys everything on the road, and you can increase the duration and the power. In Ninjas skill, you turn into a ninja and slice the civilians. With upgrades, you can throw shuriken bombs and last longer. My favorite skill is U.F.O. I think it is impossible for anyone who hears this word to remain unexciting. Can you imagine there are also UFOs in a game with an absurd element like zombies? With so many different skills, upgrades, and practice gameplay, you will not be bored for a moment and will have fun extremely.

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Entertaining Graphics

In Zombie Tsunami, it will cheer you up to see big-headed minor zombies instead of the bloody hands and abandoned streets that we always witness. Colorful characters, fun graphics, and thoughtful details will impress you. You will find all kinds of extremism and entertainment you are looking for in the game. With its simple and practical gameplay, you will be able to enter the game even in the shortest free time and have an endless running experience. You will be able to relieve all your stress with different characters, zombie-like faces, and cartoon-like background drawings. This time you will be on the side of the wild zombies, and you will create an army of them.

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What Does the Mod Apk File Offer You?

The Zombie Tsunami mod apk file offers you unlimited money in the game. You will feed the greedy zombies with the pedestrians that come your way, crash the vehicles, overcome the obstacles and form a large convoy unabated. Many levels, challenges, upgrades, and insatiable zombies will be waiting for you.